Okay, to be fair, Taylor Swift doesn't just twerk in the just-released video for her new song "Shake It Off," which, she says, is her first official attempt at pop music—Swift also attempts ballet, breakdancing, modern dance, cheerleading, and more (wait, I thought you were against cheerleaders?).

While I sometimes wish I could jump on the pro-Taylor love train, because I do love a good pop song (and I wouldn't turn down the chance to bake cupcakes with her, just so long as she also invites Lorde), I can't shake the feeling that everything she does comes off about as genuine as that time Anne Hathaway whispered "It came true" at the Oscars. She just keeps delivering watered-down versions of things that have already proven to be popular (cats, cupcakes, ’80s pop music, twerking).

But enough about me. What do YOU think? Let's have a poll!