Photos from Portland's 2014 MusicFest NW


So no comments on how MFNW banned outside water, didn't provide filling stations, and forced people to stand in 30 minute lines to buy bottled water from Heineken?

taco fest

Honestly, MFNW was the first festival that I've ever attended where people left their refillable water bottles at the door for pickup on the way out. I didn't notice the lack of refilling stations and agree that not having them is a hassle, but was pleasantly surprised that bottled water (though environmentally unfriendly) was at least only $1 and that it seemed easy to come and go from the festival grounds throughout the day.
Is that kid wearing a backpack and standing in the front row of a packed show? If so, lame.
Just another festival to rape people of their money while professing to be altruistic and idealistic music fest.

Just another business looking to reap the rewards of raping society...
Would really have loved to hear about the lack of water and the monopoly on beverages by Heineken.
I apologize for sleeping on WATERGATE. I must have missed the hot tip because my source's throat was too dry to speak on or off the record.
I considered firing off a furious tweet storm about how a choice between Heineken and Heineken Lite is NO CHOICE AT ALL (but then they were out of Heineken Lite so I just had a kombucha and listened to some music and then left and got a real drink at a real bar, the end).