The Morning News: Twenty-One Former Mars Hill Pastors File Formal Charges Against Mark Driscoll


Mark, God is testing you. Don't back down. Your riotousness will prevail, but only if you stay strong and remain a real man. Never take responsibility and never apologize. Christ will be at your side.
Mayor Murray sure has beady eyes.
An SPD levy has zero chance of passing.
With Jesus as his alpha male, Mark Driscoll shall not want.
So tired of living in an 80s future dystopia. Who would've guessed that The Running Man would be the one that came true?

Now if only those horrid, sleazy Kardashian grifters would just fight each other to death over swag bags on national television.
Religion at its core is crazy enough, but toss in a nutcase like Mark Driscoll, stir the soup and watch the perfect storm unfold. I suspect we're just seeing the tip of the iceberg with this strange man and the equally bizarre Mars Hill operation.

I'd like to know who is dumb enough to $upport a bizarre organization like Mars Hill ...and why isn't this 'church' being investigated for at least its obvious financial improprieties (diverting hundreds of 1000s of dollars to juice NY Times book ratings, etc, etc....).

If what they have pulled is not illegal, then maybe it's time to change some of our laws and to look at taxing *all* churches.
@ 7, nutcase? I think "psychopath" is probably closer to the truth.
@ 7,

Mars Hell "church" always has been a real estate scam--that's their true business. They use donations to buy up commercial properties, and then the real estate agents sell residential to the glassy-eyed cult members and their church-enforced booming families.
"I'd like to know who is dumb enough to $upport a bizarre organization like Mars Hill "

Have you tried looking at Yelp reviews? Or reading the comments in past SLOG posts of people who register to post just once in defence of Mars Hill and Mark Driscoll in particular? They don't care about plagiarism charges, or bullied pastors, or shunned questioners, or real estate hubris, they just care that their beady-eyed, belligerent, manly-man preacher is getting bad press.
Mark Driscoll and Mars Hill are worth all this ink because…why exactly?
@11 because schadenfreude trumps the sweet justice of an ex-con getting nabbed within 24 hours of shooting two gas station employees to death in Kent.
From the PI article (wow, a Seattle PI article):

>The charges were lodged with the executive elders of the church — a three-member group that includes Driscoll — as well as the church’s board of advisers and accountability.

So they aren't "formal charges" in the legal sense, which is how everybody read that initially
Neat site
Good to know that King County has a $733k mine resistant vehicle, an $80k multimeter, and ballistic dog goggles.

To be fair, all dogs should have ballistic dog goggles.
@11, I've been asking that for awhile, but it's better than Sarah Palin coverage. Or is that coming later on today?
@14, Ballistic Dog Goggles is the name of my favorite Ukrainian anarcho-ska band.
Mark Driscoll reminds me of so many out of control egomaniacs, spoiled little boys on a power trip, in the leadership of startups who manufacture nothing but empty promises and grand delusions from piles of venture capital before they imploded under the weight of reality.

Piles of money and debt-financed colosseums attract monstrous egos hellbent on playing god.

Again, in the 70s and 80s, when churches made the foolish choice to change from democratic associations, which could not exist apart from the congregation and which depended on the congregation for all of its funding, to corporations, which were governed apart from the audience (formerly known as "the congregation") by chief executives and boards of directors and which could borrow amazing amounts of money from banks (many of whose executives were also on these new corporations' boards) for huge construction projects, the fundamental nature of what a church is changed to conform to its new political, legal, financial and ideological structure.

Many in the audience, formerly the congregation, are only now realizing the great sacrifice that the elders foolishly made on the altar of the immediate for the vanity of power, politics and palaces.

Churches should be modeled on local, member-owned cooperatives, not political parties or entertainment corporations.

Return the church to the people, to the community and show the politicians, charlatans and corporate executives the door back to DC, Wall Street or whatever street in hell they came from.
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