And we wouldn't miss it for the world. As I've crowed in the past, appearing on live television is one of the most generous and dangerous things a celebrity can do, and a whole bunch of them will be doing it this coming Monday starting at 5 pm on NBC, and I will be watching and reporting on the proceedings in real time right here on Slog.

While the Academy Awards operate on the assumption that serious filmgoers will have seen most if not all of the key nominees, the Emmys are incapable of doing any such thing. There's just too much goddamn TV to watch, and fewer and fewer of us are watching it according to broadcast schedules, which makes each year's Emmy Awards a battle royale of personal bias.

My personal bias says Fargo should win everything. Less an adaptation or continuation of the Coen Brothers film, FX's Fargo miniseries was a brain-twisting homage to the original, re-deploying images and themes and lines of dialogue to create a Coen-esque world of thrills and chills and comedy and abrupt violence. I have no idea what Fargo looks like to people who don't revere the source material, and I don't care because BIAS and if Fargo MVP Allison Tolman doesn't win Best Supporting Actress in a Miniseries/Movie, I will be very sad.

But I'm also rooting for The Good Wife (BARANSKI REPRESENT) and Joe Mantello in The Normal Heart and all the nerves and booze and gravity that make every live TV broadcast a thrilling tightwire act. (Sad bonus: Sure-to-be-emotional outpourings for Mork.) See you here on Monday starting at 5 pm.