As long as theres a Rick Perry, I will never be the dumbest Republican to talk about immigration.
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  • "As long as there's a Rick Perry, I will never be the dumbest Republican to talk about immigration."

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1. Rand Paul, who on the one hand talks about the importance of minority outreach for the Republican Party's future and on the other hand allies himself with white supremacists, has apparently decided he doesn't need the Latino vote when he runs for president in 2016:

Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) said in an interview published Thursday that he supports legislation ending the president’s program to defer deportation for undocumented immigrants who came to the U.S. as children.

This probably shouldn't be surprising, considering Paul was caught on video running in fear from a self-described DREAMer earlier this month. But it is kind of surprising because most Americans support a path to citizenship. The portion that don't favor a path to citizenship, though, are the kind of hardcore Republicans who vote in primaries, so Paul is playing into their bigotry and fear of non-white people. And, hey—speaking of baseless fear:

2. Get a load of this ignorant shit:

It’s a “very real possibility” that individuals with the extremist group ISIS may have crossed into the United States at the southern border, Texas Gov. Rick Perry said Thursday, though he added he doesn’t have any evidence.

I've got no facts, but BE AFRAID. Classic Rick Perry tactic when it comes to immigration.

3. According to Right Wing Watch, brain surgeon Ben Carson, who is at the center of a large, phony "grassroots" campaign for the 2016 presidential nomination, says “political correctness” caused Michael Brown’s death.