Okay, I'ma make this easy for y'all! First on deck tomorrow will be the electro stylin's of Soft Blows! Followed by the experi-MENTAL weridos, Crazy Eyes. Full disclosure: I've never seen CE live, but their internet clips offer some proper screwball shit! Headliners are the Gods Themselves. Y'all prolly know I'm already a fan; I described 'em back in May as something like Boss Hog or the Honeymoon Killers (BTW: tGT have an album due out soon). Filling the cracks betwixt band sets will be a DJ named Omaima, who is one of the fab-u-loose record freaks from local vintage shop, Beats And Bohos. They're bringing crates of records for sale, so carry some extra cash for them stack of wax you'll be hauling home!

Deets - FIVE BUX entry @ The Josephine, in Ballard, lovelies.