• Mat Hayward /

Last week Henry Rollins posted column called "Fuck Suicide," which was an ill-timed, scathing editorial about how people who commit suicide "blew it" and if anyone is suffering from depression or contemplating suicide, they should should "hang in there" (no puns intended, right Hank?). It was bullshit. I responded on Slog, and, hundreds and hundreds of other people also took issue with it, commenting on the original piece and, as it turns out, overwhelming Rollins's inbox. This morning the singer apologized via LA Weekly:

I cannot defend the views I expressed. I think that would be taking an easy out. I put them out there plainly and must suffer the slings and arrows — fair enough. I won’t attempt to dodge them. However, that doesn’t mean that I can’t be taught a thing or two. I have no love for a fixed position on most things. I am always eager to learn something. I promise that I will dig in and educate myself on this and do my best to evolve. Again, thank you.

You can read the full statement here. He also posted an apology on his own website over the weekend.

UPDATE: As commenter seatackled pointed out, this is definitely worth a Slog poll.