Oh DAG, y'all! Dig this video for a new single "A Change of Guard" from one of our fabulous local power pop groups, the Knast. The video is SFW, even the band is (ahem) VERY Knast-y!

The video was shot at Seattle's favorite club, Lo-fi, during a Studio 66 gig; the Knast are aka the 66ers and act, more or less as the Studio 66 house band. Anyways, if you wanna see these shaggy lads they'll be at the Two Bit Saloon on 9.11.14 with LA group Maniac and Bad Tats. Also, (HINT-HINT whoever might in charge of such biz) at some point, I'd really like to see the Knast on the same bill as Gazebos; it'd be my li'l slice of contemporary power pop heaven.