• Kelly O

Chop Suey, long a home of adventurous music and comedy shows, as well as host for the Mo’-Wave Festival and Black Weirdo parties, is for sale. According to Zillow, the current price for the business is $99,950. Monthly rent for the club on 14th Ave. and E. Madison St. runs a cool $13,000.

Chop Suey has been on the market since Aug. 3. The club’s talent buyer Jodi Ecklund, who’s consistently booked a diverse, interesting schedule there, said, “The most recent development is that the price was significantly dropped from the original asking price. The issue is the rent on the building is 13k; even with a thriving club like Chop Suey, that is not sustainable. I have heard there are some interested parties and I have been contacted by a few folks for more insight. My number one concern is that if Chop Suey is purchased, I hope it is by someone who values the local music scene.

“At this point I am just booking shows and it’s business as usual," she continued. "I hope that if someone is to take over, they would want me to stay on board. I’m just taking it as it comes and will figure out an alternate plan once I know more about the longevity.”

I've left a message for Chop Suey general manager Hisato Kawaminami.