Republicans Know They Have a Woman Problem, but They Can't Stop Saying Sexist Things



"buy dinner"

not cook. buy.

Republicans can only win if women don't bother to vote. How about we get just seven percent more to vote. The amount less they are paid. Because the Republicans can take over the Supreme Court and then it's all over.
The man is just upset that his wife of 40some years forgot to bring home a couple six packs for his steak dinner.

"I think a lot of people want to be able to walk into a grocery store," Corbett said. "Particularly, a lot of the women, want to be able to go in and buy a bottle of wine for dinner, go down buy a six pack or two six packs, buy dinner, and go home. Rather than what I just described, is at least three stops, in Pennsylvania."
Tom Corbett looks like a guy who drank his lunch, so the focus on liquid dinner is perfectly understandable.
The real problem is that the Republicans don't have an image problem, they have a misogyny problem. They are actively working at turning woman's rights back decades. And the same goes for minority rights, immigrants' rights, and gay rights. The more most people know about the Republican party the less they like it.
and it's like back when state liquor stores used to go on holiday and close early.... and the state senate is about as tied-up and ineffective as the federal one.…
“Pennsylvania’s alcohol laws are weird,” said one member of our group upon returning from the supermarket the evening before July 4th. “If you want to buy beer, you have to go to a beer store or distributor. If you want to buy spirits, you have to go to a state-run liquor store.”

Santorum 2016!
@1 - Well that makes all the fucking difference in the world. Today's modern woman buys dinner for her hard-working husband. No longer a slave to the stove, the go-go woman of the future simply drives to the store to buy a wholesome meal while the robot maids handle the housework, leaving her more time to gossip with the other idle wives of the neighborhood.
If I was a woman in a state with Tom Corbett as governor, I'd be buying a bottle of wine for "dinner" too.
@8: I'd laugh if that didn't describe my neighbor.

Here's an artist's rendering of one of those futuristic robot maids of which you speak.…

Reading the quote, I also see no mention of a husband or man of any kind.

He simply indicates that hard driving women want a convenient way to come home from their job at the mill, grab two six packs and presumably punch the wall before falling asleep in front of the TV.
If the worst thing a Republican candidate has said about females is "binders full of women," I say run him, you're pretty far ahead of the curve already.
@8: she goes running for the shelter
of her mother's little helper


City women who are college-educated tend to be liberal. But not "Women" in general. Women here in rural Middle America are just as conservative and, well, honestly, misogynist as any man. I'm male and 90% of my co-workers are women and I wish I had a dollar for every time I overheard them ranting and seething with rage over "Skanks", "Whores", "Tramps" and/or abortion (The most unspeakable and scandalous EVIL ever!!!).