Dave Segal: "Spending Saturday through Monday at a little festival known as Bumbershoot. Saturday, while you’re practicing your Wu-Tang Clan 'W's, I’ll be trying to finagle my way backstage to hang with legendary soul/gospel singer Mavis Staples, who’s still a dynamo at 75. Sunday is crammed with greatness (the Dream Syndicate, Luscious Jackson, Negativland, Mission of Burma, Big Star’s Third, Bootsy Collins), so if you can only go one day, make it that one. Monday I’m looking forward to Jonathan Richman and Dutch psych-pop magus Jacco Gardner."

Christopher Frizzelle: "I got tickets to go to Wild Waves, because I've never been to Wild Waves, but now it's supposed to rain. So I'll probably go see George Meyer at Bumbershoot."

Dan Savage: "Nothing."

David Schmader: "Tomorrow I'm a judge at the Literary Death Match at Bumbershoot, on Sunday I'm telling a story in Jennifer Jasper's Family Affair at Bumbershoot, and on Monday I'm doing whatever I want."

Kelly O: "I will probably not do much of anything else except take a million photos at this Seattle thing whose name rhymes with 'Lumber-Flute'."

Anna Minard: "Staying home and sleeping, until I emerge on Monday evening to interview nine writers and editors from the Onion onstage at Bumbershoot. I have taken some advice and decided not to use any onion puns in my introduction, so you should definitely come. Also: Please, if I have something in my teeth, let me know."

Katie Allison: "I'm going to spend the weekend carefully avoiding Bumbershoot and the whole Seattle Center area, because huge crowds of people are invariably the worst."

Paul Constant: "It's been a shitty summer and I'm happy to bury it in the backyard. I think I might celebrate by seeing Boyhood again—it was a movie that helped make my summer a little better. I'm also going to Bellingham for a day, and I'll be listening to Cassorla a whole lot all weekend long, because I'm currently in love with Cassorla."