This message from Portland-based Platinum Records Lights and Sound owner Ali Tabatabaie appeared yesterday on its Facebook page.

To all my Seattle peeps - after twenty years we finally lost our lease at the Seattle Platinum Records. While we look for a new space, we need to clear everything out. I'll be here all week, so come on down and do some wheelin' and dealin'! Store fixtures are available also, if you know anybody that's looking. Display cases, truss, desks, everything must go. Major blowout pricing on vinyl, and now is the time to make us an offer on gear. Major Labor Day Week sale!

Platinum—which is at 915 E. Pike St.—is Capitol Hill's premier supplier of DJ gear. It used to do a healthy business in record sales, but in recent years few patrons have shopped for vinyl (back in the mid '00s, it was common for all six turntables to be occupied with folks checking out tracks) and goods languished in the bins. But it remains a well-stocked spot for DJs' tools of the trade and the staff is super-helpful. Let's hope Platinum can find another home soon—preferably somewhere in or close to Capitol Hill.