Labor Day in the Bible Belt


But is this because the South is awesomely, secretly super-gay or because the South is a homophobic nightmare and Bible Belt gays and lesbians feel safer hiding inside and watching porn?
Suck it, Utah!
Kind of hypocritical for Dan to speak disparagingly of porn consumers, no matter where they reside.
Well, Dan; this is just good Christians doing research on the Devil's nefarious influence.
While there are certainly some, perhaps many, hypocrites among the overtly homophobic subset of religious Southerners, pornography may also be the main refuge for gay—and bi—people stuck there for whom being actually "in the life" is just too risky or difficult.

In addition, the prospect of a day of "fun" with the same family/community members who make their lives miserable most of the time probably sends many right to their computers and bedrooms.
@3, where is the disparagement?
@5 right. Also, the forbidden fruit is more attractive. So to speak.

@4 you win the thread!
And if you're an archconservative yourself, living in the region in question, this is just more evidence that the homosexuals are working hardest to recruit in your backyard, so as to undermine the last remaining bastion of righteousness in America.

Not only are survey results like this unsurprising (if we take them at face value, which we really shouldn't be doing) for the reasons other commenters have stated, they also do nothing to change anyone's attitudes or perceptions.

The only effect I can see of linking to this is to contribute to the success of Pornhub's "viral" marketing.

But clickbait gonna bait clicks, I guess.
Mississippi is a cum stain.
@9 made my mind go wandering on imagery . . . and the fact of Florida's resemblance to a chub schlong. The South's fitting terminus?
They are following the tradition of former Rep. Jon Hinson, who was in denial for years before he came out...
I think the reason for it is that it isn't OK to be out there. In open states people can actually get real connection but in states in the SE gay porn is probably the only way these guys feel safe viewing what they like.
@3 I didn't pick up on Dan speaking disparagingly about porn. You can make any excuses for these stats on gay porn viewings but it always comes back to cowardice or hypocrisy on the viewers' part.
come out, come out wherever you are (Bible belt states) and let's get this concept of natural evolution moving.
I would be curious to know the breakdown of gay male versus lesbian porn. I'd be likely to rule out the lesbian stuff, frankly...
Gays goes in; porn goes out. You can't explain that!
Not to go too nerdy here but:…
@16, lesbian porn at Pornhub isn't categorized as gay.
Look toward Accretive.

Right here in town. All of it.

As per usual.
All of the live streaming, at least.

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I've never felt actual hatred toward the craft until I took a peek professionally.

Of course, they wouldn't hire me either.

I mean, I'm only the highest level programmer on earth.

Let me guess though.

Accretive too somehow considers themselves some sort of Christian organization?

Kindness to the Communist bloc, or pleasing the women, or something like that?

Expect a visit from the IRS.

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Easy to explain: 'Gay porn' consumers, in non-Southern states, get more of their porn from sites other than pornhub.

Which is to say, the non-southerners KNOW of more places to surf than do their southern editions.

Straight women in the bible belt are more sexually frustrated and need to watch hot guys sexing it up far more to compensate.
To all those saying that it is impossible to be out in the deep south, I say NOT TRUE. Ive lived most of the last 30 years in Louisiana in towns of 20,000 or less. I've been out the whole time. Yes, many (perhaps most) gay men in these towns are closeted, but it isn't because there isn't a choice. It's because they've chosen the closet. They are holding themselves, and everyone else, back.
In another related study that I made up for the purposes of this comment, Southern Baptists are by a wide margin the best at clearing caches, search histories and cookies in any known browser. Godspeed to you folks, and remember, and if you really want your internet porn stored safely, Baby Jesus sucks at UNIX.