SIFF Cinema Announces Egyptian Programming: From October 3rd to October 5th, SIFF will celebrate the grand re-opening of the Egyptian Theatre with a mini-film festival of some of the Egyptian's greatest hits. Films that played extended runs at the theater, including Amelie, Pan's Labyrinth, My Neighbor Totoro, O Brother Where Art Thou?, and Risky Business will play at the theater all weekend long. Tickets will be $5, or free if you bring in a receipt from any Capitol Hill business. You can read the full schedule at SIFF's site. In addition, SIFF announced the midnight movie slate at the Egyptian, with films ranging from recent hits (Cabin in the Woods, Slither) to classics (Zombie, The Rocky Horror Picture Show). Here's the page with the first full month of midnight movies, taking us up through Halloween.

The Whitey McWhiterson (Betty Bowen) Awards: Over the weekend, fed up with last Friday’s announcement of the five Betty Bowen Award finalists, Seattle artist Laura Castellanos sent a letter to the Betty Bowen Committee asking: “How many African-American or Latino/a artists have been granted either a Betty Bowen Grand Prize or Special Recognition award since its inception in 1979?” She was protesting that four of the five finalists are white, and, she said, that all but one of the selection panelists was white. The committee hasn’t answered yet, but we’ve sent an email also requesting responses to both the committee and Seattle Art Museum’s PR department. (SAM administers the prize.)


NighTraiN Reaches End of the Line? Awesome local punk band NighTraiN announced on Facebook that they are taking "an indefinite hiatus." They're playing two more shows in October, and then the group is dissolving. Go read the post and make your October plans accordingly.

"I Had a Mexican Star Trek-Themed Wedding and It the Best Thing Ever": Seattle comedian and Wine Shots creator Elicia Sanchez writes the amazing story for Jezebel.

From the Department of Thought Crime: If you missed this story over the weekend, it deserves your attention:

Members of the Dorchester Sheriff’s Office, the Cambridge Police Department and the Dorchester County Public School board have removed Mace’s Lane Middle School teacher Patrick McLaw for allegedly penning two books under the alias, “Dr. K.S. Voltaer.” One of the books, “The Insurrectionist,” depicts “the largest school massacre” in history, WBOC-TV reports. A second book from 2013, “Lilith’s Heir,” is also available on Amazon and is described as a sequel penned by “K Voltaer.”

A teacher writes a sci-fi novel featuring what is referred to as "a futuristic school shooting" and then he's put on a leave of absence by school officials pending an investigation. Police even swept the school for weapons and bombs the day McLaw was removed from the premises. They didn't find any weapons, futuristic or otherwise. Does this sound like the plot of a particularly hammy novel to you?

New Murakami (Yes, Again) In case Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki and His Years of Pilgrimage wasn't enough Haruki Murakami for you, publisher Alfred A. Knopf announced that 2014 will see the publication of a new novella by Murakami, too. The Strange Library was published in Japan in 2008, but it's going to be translated into English in December of this year.

Defending Amazon: Neal Pollock says we should leave Amazon alone.

This Is a Special Kind of Genius: Some art students have incorporated Google Ads into the text of Bret Easton Ellis's brand-obsessed classic American Psycho.