Cover Your Workplace in Plants, Maybe You'll Feel More Productive


Alas, it's well established that any change in working conditions will improve productivity (temporarily). Turn up the lights -- people work better! Turn down the lights -- people work better! So the control condition should have had a "sham" change, like decorating the space with Lego robots or something.
Ferns? how 90s and gay, very gay!
I was looking at a training video that was filmed in the 80's at the old City Light Building and was amazed at how colorful the offices were: big plants, brightly colored furniture and cube panels, very cheerful.

Today, our offices are beige and gray. Great views, particularly if you are by a window, but the color scheme is a real snore.
Of course, the closest thing to a plant in The Stranger offices is the lush growth of mold flourishing in abandoned coffee mugs
Someone obviously hasn't been snooping in the purses and coat pockets of her colleagues.
I worked with an elderly lady whose name was Fern. She was pleasant good worker, but I wouldn't say either of us was, ooh, shudder, yuck.... productive.
My office plant is named Jennifer Matilda Cockmonster and she is a total drama queen. Near three feet tall from table to top when recently watered; swooning all over the desk after a long weekend. She does not make me more productive but she does make me feel more emotionally stable by comparison.
Our office plant works over in HR (badda-boom).
poison-ivy there, sumac there, devilsclub there, nettles all over there, corpse-lily over here, and a happy little marijuana plant here
I think the effect is less likely to be because of plants emitting oxygen and more because the visual presence of the plants is soothing and thus beneficial to morale. Solution:
Run a study with three cohorts. One group with plants, one group with realistic fake plants, one group with no plants. Monitor oxygen levels at several parts of the office.