One of the key members of the DUG DJ crew, Jon François, is moving back to Detroit (Eastpointe, to be precise) in September, after an eight-year run in Seattle. His final local gig is Fri. Sept. 5 at Lo-Fi for the DUG monthly, where he’s held down a residency for the last five years.

Besides spinning crucial, original funk, soul, and boogie vinyl from the '60s to the '80s with DUG, Jon François also branched out into psych rock with the great but short-lived LOVETONE (later DREAMTONE) monthly and with Movie Nite he provided new and one would like to think improved soundtracks for films with his wife Marcy Stone. Jon François also DJed under the name Mr. Bottomsly, and he recorded a mix of slow-motion funk and R&B for Hush Hush Records’ Distant Lights series, which you can hear here.

Fellow DUG resident DJ Christian Science offered this farewell speech to his colleague:

Can't say enough about sharing the stage with a friend and DJ like Jon François. His passion and dedication to this forgotten music and to making our event the best it can be every month was unrivaled. We are sad to see him go, but excited to see what he does next. Plus, having a friend in Detroit is never a bad thing when it comes to getting new records. We're expecting first dibs on all his doubles. Godspeed, François, your guest slot at DUG is always open.