Here's some good news: Olympia's anthemic punk rockers RVIVR (who made one of the best albums of 2013) will be releasing a new 12" EP, Bicker and Breathe, on September 15, and yesterday the band gave us a preview by posting the song "Goodbyes" on their Bandcamp. Given the fact that my cat just passed away last weekend (I love you forever, you ice-cream-thieving monster), the song is an emotional and melodic punch in the gut with the ever-so-true chorus of "We don't want to get good at goodbyes!"

And here's a fun fact to throw around at your next house party: Chris Bauermeister of Jawbreaker played bass on the recording. Neat!

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Here, listen. (And if you, too, are nursing a broken heart, don't be ashamed to let some tears fall.)

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