AND THE NOMINEES ARE... Left to right: Glenn Rudolph, Emily Gherard, and C. Davida Ingram.
  • Photos by Ansel Herz
  • AND THE NOMINEES ARE... Left to right: Glenn Rudolph, Emily Gherard, and C. Davida Ingram.

Finally! We've been waiting to bring last Wednesday's Visual Art Genius Showcase to you, Slog readers, until the video was ready. You can see for yourself what happened when the lights went down at the Frye. The photographer Glenn Rudolph, it turns out, sees Barry Manilow in the sky when he goes out for long, solitary hikes along abandoned railroads across the Northwest. C. Davida Ingram's video The Elephant in the Room, showed in its entirety at the Frye, brought the room to its knees. Painter Emily Gherard delivered the most emotionally wrenching comment of the night, when she revealed that, for her, the act of making is "the only thing that can hold back the grief."

You can click directly to the presentation on Emily, the one on Davida, and the one on Glenn, and the group Q&A—including the high-stakes moment when the artists were asked to talk about each other's work.

And the full video of the 2014 Visual Art Genius Awards Showcase at the Frye is on the jump.

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Next up, this Wednesday night at the Frye, is the Music Showcase, hosted by the terrific Emily Nokes, and featuring nominees Erik Blood, Industrial Revelation, and Amber Kai Morgan and Garrett Kelly. Admission to the event includes a free wine or beer on us, and a few seats are still available. (See what you missed at the Literature Showcase, and the Film Showcase, too.)

Don't forget to come to the Genius Awards—FREE THIS YEAR!—on October 18th at the Moore. There, the winners will be announced. The one and only person in the entire world who knows the winners in advance is The Stranger's business manager Laurie Saito, who tallies the votes. We all get surprised together while wearing fantastic outfits. Join us!

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