PIZZERIA GABBIANO The reportedly goddamn delicious pizza, cut to order with scissors.
  • PIZZERIA GABBIANO The reportedly goddamn delicious pizza, cut with scissors.

Hey! It's my new Seattle food news column. Got something new (or something I missed)? Put it in comments after the jump, and thanks!

BRAND-NEW: It's more than official: Pioneer Square isn't just for chronic public inebriates and chronically publically inebriated sports fans anymore (though both need more access to bathrooms). Joining the likes of Bar Sajor/The London Plane, Little Uncle, and Damn the Weather is Mike Easton's Pizzeria Gabbiano (240 Second Ave S, Suite 102, 209-2231). Local artist (and, full disclosure, my friend) Ben Beres reports that the pay-by-the-pound thick slices are cut to order with scissors and "GODDAMN DELICIOUS!!! Albeit a little bit pricey." Easton is also responsible for the great Il Corvo, open in Pioneer Square since way back in 2013.

Closer to the stadia, Quality Athletics (115 S King St, 420-3015) also just debuted. It looks slick; trophies, medicine balls, and a wall of lockers provide minimalist sporty credibility. What you won't find at QA: burgers and fries. Josh Henderson (of Westward, etc.) says, "When a burger is on the menu, that's all people order. We want to broaden the idea of what game-day food is." They do have wings (including duck ones). As for the bathrooms' cheerleader-porn posters—in honor of Title IX and gay sports fans everywhere, how about some male cheesecake, too?