Do you recognize any one of these 15 fucking douchebags?

This "clean-cut" mob allegedly attacked a gay couple in Philadelphia on September 11. They could be locals, they could be tourists. NBC Philadelphia via JoeMyGod:

A violent attack on two gay men in Center City Thursday night left one of those men in the hospital with multiple fractures. Sources tell NBC10 the 27-year-old and 28-year-old victims were walking from a restaurant in the area of 16th and Chancellor around 10:45 p.m. Thursday. Suddenly they were approached by a visibly intoxicated group. Witnesses say someone in the group asked, "Is this your fucking boyfriend?" When one of the victims told them yes, the group allegedly attacked them, punching and kicking them in the face, head and chest. Police say one of the suspects then snatched a victim's bag containing a cellphone, wallet and credit cards. The group then fled in an unknown direction. "It was a bunch of screams at first," said witness Geoff Nagle. "...a lot of punching and kicking."

The couple suffered serious injuries. Queerty:

Speaking with the media last night, both victims say they have been released from the hospital with serious visible injuries. One victim, speaking through and contraption that will have his jaw wired shut for the next two months, says he suffered multiple facial fractures and several orbital fractures.... According to CBS Philadelphia, the victims have been able to identify their attackers through surveillance footage captured either before or after the attack. Though no arrests have been made, police seem confident that the assailants will be brought to justice.

Watch the video. Share the video. If you recognize anyone call the Philly police at 215-686-3047. You can email the Philly police at or you can text them at PPDTIP (773847).