We got a tip last week from Doug Nellis, who said he took this photo on September 25th at the Ship Canal Trail across from Fisherman's Terminal near Interbay. It shows a giant orange sign, surrounded by a fortress pylons, smack dab in the middle of the bike trail:

  • Doug Nellis
  • Just try to get around this! Take that, uppity bikers!

Nellis said the sign's placement "nicely reflects the two shits that SDOT does not give about bicycling infrastructure."

Well, Doug, not quite. We sent the picture to SDOT spokesman Rick Sheridan yesterday, who promptly wrote back:

A contractor responsible for a nearby project erroneously placed the sign there. We have instructed them to move the sign to an appropriate location and they are in the process of doing so. We apologize to anyone inconvenienced by the sign.
Two hours later, by 4 p.m., Sheridan e-mailed again to say that the sign had been moved to a location allowing for "a minimum of four feet of clearance for bikes and pedestrians." Good on ya, SDOT!

Now, if we could just kickstart a Seattle-wide cultural shift so that people—delivery truckers and city contractors alike—start treating bike routes like car lanes. (Meaning, they'd think real long and hard before casually blocking them.)