Pacific Northwest Ballet presents: Romeo et Juliette at McCaw Hall
Romeo et Juliette returns to PNB to sweep you off your feet – just in time for Valentine’s Day!

Seattle's second pot store, Uncle Ike's, is NOW OPEN right where the Philly Cheese Steak used to be at 23rd and Union. The space has also been the Beehive Bakery and Med Mix, as well as the site of two murders and an August 2013 arson. Things hopefully will be more mellow now... though some are concerned about gentrification, which is a legitimate worry in the CD for sure.

But if you're going to buy some legal marijuana, you might get hungry, and you might want to support some local businesses. Where should you go eat? (Before you go home and legally enjoy your legal marijuana there, of course—not after you surreptitiously spark a bowl on the street and proceed to a nicely stoned, celebratory lunch, for that would be technically illegal.)

Here we go! Click on the names for more details!

1. The Neighbor Lady: The good people of the Twilight Exit (which you could also walk to, but it doesn't open until 4 p.m.) run the Neighbor Lady, where Thompson’s Point of View used to be. It's divey and comfy, with old-fashionedy patterned wallpaper, and has sandwiches and good vegetarian options. Opens at noon.

2. Cortona Cafe: Waffles. One more time: waffles.

3. Adey Abeba Ethiopian Restaurant: Eat with your hands, for cheap, in a pretty room! With especially good vegetarian options.

4. Queen Bee Cafe: Crumpets! And CRUMPWICHES. Fun to say, even better to eat.

5. The Barbecue Pit: Pookie knows what he's doing with barbecue and is also awesome to talk to. Of the advent of the new pot store, he says, "Ah, damn!" He encourages you to come on down: "Most of the guys around here are high as hell anyway... We do accommodate all drug addicts." Here's some more about Pookie and his place. Open from noon to 7 pm., and note: Cash only.

6. Lotus Thai: Right next to where Catfish Corner used to be (sigh!!!), Lotus uses the color orange in a way that will make you feel happy, plus the people are nice, the mood is cheerful, and the Thai food is inexpensive and good.

UPDATE! And, of course (thanks, dr0g), there is always Ezell's, for fried chicken so good, it ought to be illegal, plus dinner rolls so good, you'll wish you could sleep on a bed of them. But wait! Take a hunk of Ezell's chicken, embed it in one of Ezell's heavenly rolls, and dip it in Ezell's chicken gravy. A friend who is definitely no stranger to marijuana told me about this innovation in Ezell's-eating, with the seriousness of someone who's discovered something very important in life. Go and try it. Ezell's just a little further from Uncle Ike's than these other places, is all.

And here's where to eat if you're buying pot at Cannabis City in Sodo, Seattle's FIRST legal pot store, which will probably have much shorter lines today.

Eat Winter Produce. Shop Locally at University District, West Seattle + Capitol Hill Farmers Markets
Buy direct from Washington farmers every Saturday and Sunday. More info: SeattleFarmersMarkets.org