Pacific Northwest Ballet presents: Romeo et Juliette at McCaw Hall
Romeo et Juliette returns to PNB to sweep you off your feet – just in time for Valentine’s Day!

How was your lunch? As good as that ramen looks above?

Starting one week from today, Miyabi 45th will be serving house-made ramen at lunchtime every Wednesday. Miyabi 45th is Wallingford's "Japanese gastropub," where chef Mutsuko Soma makes very good stuff, including her own soba—and the soba is really, really good. (And then there's the matter of her "Seattle's best Bukkake style" soba—more on that, with a little porn etymology, at the link.)

Soma's sense of humor is showing on this one, too: She's calling her ramen pop-up Onibaba Ramen, and "the term Onibaba refers to a mythical Japanese demon that bears the appearance of a maniacal old woman and feasts on humans. The name is inspired by the idea of chef Mutsuko Soma straying from her usual soba-making and dabbling in the dark side, serving ramen."

If ramen is the dark side, take me there ASAP. Soma's ramen ought to be especially good.

And, if you're looking for something to do this Friday at 10 p.m., Onibaba Ramen will launch with a limited-seating ramen-party that'll include live music and a live art performance by Bosuhiko for $30 a seat. Call 632-4545 for reservations.

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