Look, the little critter probably just wants to be our friend! (Actual Megan Seling Mouse not pictured.)
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  • Look, the little critter probably just wants to be our friend! Or it has found Charles's secret stash of red wine. (Actual Megan Seling Mouse not pictured.)
BREAKING NEWS: Yesterday afternoon, as we were all typing away, a real live mouse (which previously made an appearance in Morning News when it was spotted up in The Stranger's production department) went scurrying across the floor of the editorial department, eventually disappearing in the region of Charles Mudede's desk, which has been famously messy since at least 2006 (and probably much, much longer than that). In the previous mouse poll, you decided to name the office mouse Megan Seling. So that's all. Megan Seling was last seen twitchy-nosing it under Charles's desk. Megan Seling has not yet been seen again.

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Mercer Island E. Coli Scare Continues: After what seemed like an all-clear, the city has issued another boil-water advisory after detecting E. coli in a water sample again. Restaurants are closed; schools are open.

Washington State Democrats Fighting Back Against Supreme Court's Hobby Lobby Ruling: A group of state senate Democrats announced their plan to push legislation next year that would ensure Washington State women's access to birth control even in the face of employers who refuse to provide it. The fun part: They held their press conference two blocks from a new Hobby Lobby in North Seattle.

But Over in Texas: All but eight of the state's abortion clinics were shut down overnight after a court decision on a brutal anti-abortion law.

The Center for Oso Landslide Victims' Unclaimed Property Now Winding Down: The warehouse and its volunteers held tens of thousands of items found in the rubble and mud of the disaster, organized them, and saw most of them returned to survivors and loved ones. "In the north Everett reunification center," reports the Everett Herald, "some of the unclaimed items include a rubber Pillsbury Doughboy doll, a yellow BMX bike and a green, plastic container labeled 'baby teeth.'”

Meanwhile, Over at Seattle City Hall Yesterday: City council member Jean Godden is mayor pro tem, since Mayor Ed Murray's out of town, and she took the opportunity to go around handing out cupcakes to mayoral staffers. Check it out:

Jean Godden delivers cupcakes. Mayor Murray, youre gonna have to step it up when you get back.
  • Left: City of Seattle/Right: Mike Gore
  • Jean Godden delivers cupcakes. Mayor Murray, you're gonna have to step it up when you get back.

Tacoma Assisted-Living Facility Says They're Raising Fees Because of $15 Minimum Wage: Even though Tacoma doesn't actually have a $15 minimum wage and city officials say one's not in the works, either. Seniors at Narrows Glen in Tacoma got a letter from the facility's executive director recently, saying that monthly rates were going up and citing the fact that "several municipalities in the area are moving toward a $15 minimum wage increase in the near future." KIRO ends their report with: "We asked again what a non-existent $15-an-hour minimum wage has to do with the rate increases. [The executive director] said 'no comment.'"

Protesters in Hong Kong Have Accepted an Offer: To meet and talk with the government, reports the BBC. Protesters came under attack from angry counter-protesters yesterday.

Chase Bank Reports Data Breach Affecting 76 Million Households: Plus 7 million businesses. They say the info stolen from company servers was things like names and addresses, not account numbers or Social Security numbers. The "only" customers affected were those who used the bank's website or apps. (Amish Chase customers, you're fine!)

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A 33-Year-Old Freelance NBC Cameraman in Liberia Has Contracted the Ebola Virus: He'll be flown back to the US for treatment.

Troubling Accusations Made Against Author Tao Lin: Paul Constant reports.

Video of the Week! Hey, do y'all remember ol' Sam Bellomio? It's been a while since we've heard from him, but he ran for city council last year (with amazing campaign ads and near-unintelligible political goals). Mostly, he just likes to get up and yell at city council for no particular reason during public comment periods about how there's not enough time for public comment and/or how the city council is just like Nazi Germany. Like, here he is fighting with Bruce Harrell while wearing an Uncle Sam hat. Here he is sassing Sally Clark about nothing. Ohhhh yeahhh, and below, thanks to the wonders of the internet and our good friends over at Seattlish, is a video of someone who certainly appears to be Sam Bellomio rave dancing in a Christmas-decorated living room: