Gay couples are marrying in Virginia:

Thirty-year-old Lindsey Oliver and 42-year-old Nicole Pries received the first same-sex marriage license issued from the Richmond Circuit Court Clerk's office shortly after 1 p.m. Monday.

Upon leaving the courthouse, they were married by gay-rights advocate The Rev. Robin Gorsline.

Gay couples are getting licenses to marry in Wisconsin:

Within hours, Dane County Clerk Scott McDonell, a Democrat and strong supporter of same-sex unions, issued a marriage license to two women who declined to be interviewed.

"It's a huge victory. Now couples who have been denied their civil rights can get married in Wisconsin and most of the rest of the country," McDonell said.

Gay couples are getting licenses to marry in Oklahoma:

Mary Bishop and Sharon Baldwin — the Tulsa County couple that filed a federal challenge to Oklahoma’s ban a day after it was approved by voters in 2004 — were among the first couples to get a license. In Oklahoma County, the first couple to get a license was Lauren Marie Tidwell and Sara Michelle Yarbrough.

Gay couples are getting licenses to marry in Indiana:

The Marion County Clerk will immediately begin issuing licenses. Clerks in other counties may wait until a formal order lifting the ban is issued by the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals, which should come later this week.

And in Kansas...

You can’t do that in the state of Kansas,” said Nancy Escalante, supervisor for marriage licenses at the court. “Our application says ‘man and woman.’ The Legislature has not changed it.”

Man, fuck you, Kansas. It's over. You lost. You too, Wyoming and North Carolina. Get with the program.