J’Amy Owens always has to “push the boundaries of conventional retailing.”

Now the Seattle Times has dug up MORE dirt on the Bill the Butcher CEO—namely, that the cash-strapped company "spent hundreds of thousands of dollars over two years" to help buy CEO J’Amy Owens a five-bedroom Queen Anne view home, with the payments portrayed as "a lease of 'corporate facilities.'” More from the Times:

Nowhere did the company disclose to shareholders that its “corporate facilities” were where Owens lived with her family: a 5.75-bath Craftsman-style house with a detached studio unit, in one of Seattle’s poshest residential neighborhoods.

A recent listing by Ewing & Clark, a marketer of high-end homes, said the property includes a “breathtaking main home, romantic ‘tower’ apartment, and authentic Japanese tea house.”

UPDATE: Here are photos of the 5,000-plus square foot home, complete with Puget Sound view (and stuffed sheep).

You'll recall that all six remaining branches of Bill the Butcher closed suddenly last week.

I still can't reach J’Amy Owens for comment; her voicemail’s been full for days.