Bill the Butcher Shelled Out Major Cash to Pay for CEO J'Amy Owens' Deluxe Queen Anne Home


Another success story for the empowerment of women in business.
"Poshest" or "most posh", which is correct?

And "J'Amy" is the most perfectly pretentious name a privilege-obsessed douche-baggyy CEO could have.
from Owens's website:

My name is J’Amy Owens and one of the great joys of my life is breaking all the rules, of freely mixing retail and politics, and pouring my beliefs into my work. Eventually, this method has allowed me to push the boundaries of conventional retailing with an original cultural statement, bold new styles and my own brand of humanism that I practice through consumerism.
smells like fraud.
I hear their employees didn't get their last paychecks. That's a huge no-no.

Happened to me once, almost 30 years ago; the owner got to keep his Hawaiian dream home and 60-foot yacht. Greg Buckner, I still remember you, you son of a bitch.

Are you supposed to enunciate the 'J'? Jih-amy? Or just Jamie? Either way, I feel better that I now have an excuse to make fun of her for having a stupid name.
@6: I'm suspecting it's a Frenchy-ish "Zhuh-mee."

If her parents were going for snooty French, they were way off the mark with the spelling.
The IRS made it clear long ago that trying to claim a domicile is actually an office is a no-no, and using corporate funds to pay for such is venturing into Orange jump suit territory.
Fish gonna swim, grifters gonna grift.
It's already been said but I cannot get over "J'Amy." Jesus fucking Christ.