Ed Murray giving a City of the Speech in February, when Brazel was still on the job.
  • Mayor's Office
  • Ed Murray giving a State of the City speech in February, when Brazel was still on the job.

Rosalind Brazel was Mayor Ed Murray's press secretary during the rocky first few months of his administration, back when he was fucking up reforms of the Seattle police department and she was connected to two high-profile communications screw-ups—announcing someone's death even though he was alive, and sending out an unfinished press release. Not long after these screw-ups, Brazel was reassigned and then let go.

Now she's alleging discrimination on the basis of race and gender, suing filing a claim with the city for $1 million in damages and blaming Murray and her former superior, still-acting Communications Director Jeff Reading, for the mistakes, according to the Seattle Times.

"Ms. Brazel was replaced by a white male who is paid $5,000 per year more than she was paid, despite frequent mentions by Mayor Murray to the public that the Race and Social Justice Initiative, which affords equal pay among race and gender, is fully recognized by his office," the claim says, according to the Times.

Brazel made $95,000.

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One of her successors in the press secretary position, Megan Coppersmith, was making $98,000 in the same role, according to the mayor's office. Another, Jason Kelly, is making $100,000 in that role now. Both Coppersmith and Kelly are white.

Murray, in a lengthy statement, admitted that the early days of his administration were "chaotic and pressure filled" and described Brazel as "a talented communications professional and a hard worker who, at this point in her career, was not well-matched to the demands of the press secretary role, particularly for a brand new administration working to find its feet." Murray's statement also discusses his commitment to social justice at great length, and concludes: "I stand by my decision to make a change at the press secretary position."