Driscoll finally gets the hook!
  • Driscoll finally gets the hook!

It's a great day for Seattle! Mark Driscoll has resigned from Mars Hill Church, and for a moment, all is right in the world. (Unless you count Ebola and the fact that those GamerGate goons have escalated to terrorism threats and the plummeting Dow and, you know, everything else.) This is a time for celebration.

But the big question on everyone's mind is: What's going to happen next? We all know smarmy preachers like Mark Driscoll never completely go away. Their egomania requires them to be in the spotlight somehow, and their natural charisma—yes, Driscoll is a charismatic man—allows them to climb back from even the most public of ignominies. We haven't seen the last of Mark Driscoll's enormous, shiny head.

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And what's going to happen to Mars Hill Church? Attendance is way down, they're selling buildings, and there's no immediate heir apparent for Driscoll's job. (And in fact Mars Hill seems to suffer from a major enthusiasm gap without Driscoll. Stranger tippers have overheard conversations between Mars Hill attendees complaining about how Mark Driscoll is the only exciting part of Mars Hill—that all the other pastors are downright boring in comparison.) In addition, two of the Mars Hill pastors who resigned after critcizing Driscoll are launching a new church, called Redemption Church, in North Seattle. Will Redemption Church continue on with Driscoll's woman-hating, homophobic legacy? Dan Savage wrote on Slog last month that he thought another Mars Hill would simply rise to take the place of the old Mars Hill. Is he just being cynical, or is he right?

What do you think?