Two Geeks and an Art Critic Visit Paul Allen's Living Computer Museum


Such a hidden gem! I was really jealous of the friends I went with who knew BASIC, though.
Yes indeedy that was a "mini-computer" back in the day.

In the mid-'70s my boyfriend was a computer engineer at a private company.

The computer took up one entire wall of the office, floor to ceiling.
I really need to go there with my dad. I'm glad they're preserving this stuff.

I've decided my life is too cluttered to hold onto old computer equipment. All my old Macs, PCs, and laptops have found their way to recycling at Staples. It's funny when a $10k machine is just garbage.

At MIT I remember one day when a PDP-11 or some such came up on the recycle list as available for free in a hall outside a lab. Not sure who got it. And then of course the Media Lab for years, maybe still, used the husk of a Thinking Machines Connection Machine as a cocktail bar. A priceless relic whose one shining moment was as the "UNIX" machine in Jurassic Park.
Ya'll know you street viewed those old addresses too. Whomever lives in Bill Gates' parents former home has a beautiful front yard.
I still have two working Palm devices, so I'm willing to give you "indomitable".