They could eat this shimmering kale with saucy vegan mac and cheese, but theyd have to go to St. Dames in Columbia City to get it.
  • Kelly O
  • They could eat this shimmering kale with saucy vegan mac and cheese, but they'd have to go to St. Dame's in Columbia City to get it.

Sometimes people e-mail me for restaurant recommendations. I always answer! Here's one for a party of two, one gluten-free and one vegan.

Hi Bethany,

I’m having dinner with an out-of-town vegan friend tonight. I’m gluten-free. He’s tried Plum before. I’ve eaten at Capitol Cider a lot. My friend says Cafe Flora is no good. Is there somewhere else we should go? Anywhere in Capitol Hill, Fremont, or downtown area would be okay.


Good places with lots of vegan options are very limited in Seattle, especially narrowing it further by neighborhood. If he likes Plum, that’s probably your best bet. In the Bowl is a divey noodle and soup place on Capitol Hill that people really like, and it's David Schmader–approved. Cafe Flora is well-liked by a lot of people, and it's been around forever, but it's not in the neighborhoods you want (and I would say it’s a little goofy, decor-wise). If you can go farther afield, people like Jhanjay Vegetarian Thai in Wallingford (also in Ballard), as well as Araya’s Place, which is Thai in the U-District and on Madison. St. Dame’s is reportedly really good—Megan Seling loved it, and Charles Mudede enjoyed it, too—but it’s in Columbia City.

Here are all our recommended vegetarian/vegan restaurants... And as far as a non-officially-vegetarian/vegan option, you might call Local 360 in Belltown (but very close to downtown)—they have lots of gluten-free dishes, and I bet they'd be willing to accommodate your vegan friend, too.

Anybody out there in Slogland got any more ideas?

Good luck, gluten-free individual with vegan friend—let me know how it works out!