A Restaurant Recommendation for a Vegan Human and a Gluten-Free Individual Who Wish to Dine Together on Capitol Hill, Fremont, or Downtown, But Not at Plum, Capitol Cider, or Cafe Flora


Cafe Flora was still good four years ago.
McDonald's or Burger King.
Cafe Flora is always so disappointing.
Annapurna on broadway is excellent, with many great options for GF and vegans (or both combined) listed on the menu.

Vegan options are not very limited in Seattle -- it has one of the best vegan food scenes in this hemisphere, maybe second only to Portland. It's rarely covered by The Stranger, so there are alternate sources of info.

I recommend using happycow to find restaurants if you want a certain neighborhood or certain type of food, it's constantly updated by vegetarians/vegans. http://www.happycow.net/north_america/us…

Veganscore is a great Seattle vegan blog that stays on top of the Seattle vegan food scene. http://www.veganscore.com
The newish Araya on Madison is excellent, and a nice atmosphere. Unfortunately the outdoor seating won't be so attractive this time of year.
Araya was pretty good
Just went to the St. Dames website, and it says:

"Come see us for our final day of service, Thursday, October 30 or before! We appreciate all of your support over the last four years!!!!!"
My vegetarian boyfriend loves the vegan pho at Bamboo on 15th. http://www.yelp.com/biz/bamboo-seattle?o…
If you think In the Bowl is divey, I venture you don't really know what a dive is.
Hey! What about Chaco Canyon in the U District, W Seattle and soon to open in Groovy Greenwood???

Tallulah's in Capitol Hill has great options. Also, any Indian, Thai, Vietnamese, or Japanese restaurant.
I second Chaco Canyon. Was thinking of Poppy on Capital Hill - veg positive.
Not dinner, but don't forget about Wayward Cafe in the U dist. Best goddamn hippie breakfasts
Wayward Vegan Cafe in the U District, and Pizza Pi across the street are my favorite. I also love Annapurna on Broadway, Samurai Noodle on Broadway (although their vegan broths are kind of under-seasoned, so add salt and hot sauce!), Honey Hole on Pike (they have a few vegan options), Veggie Grill (Downtown, SLU, U Village), etc...
I wonder why there arent more options...

I would love love love to know any all-gluten-free kitchens in Seattle besides Capitol Cider...
Still boggles my mind that a major city in the Pacific NW is so lacking in real vegan options. My co-workers like to go to Local 360 so I have experience there, they *can* make a vegan option, but it's always a PITA to make sure it's right.

St Dames is fantastic, so is Pizza Pi and Veggie Grill (multiple locations).
Travellers Thali House on Beacon Hill, 1-2 blocks from Light Rail station. Very easy to eat both vegan and gluten-free here.
eat at home. cook what you like. done.
Our family is super-bummed that St. Dames is closing. It is/was one of the best in town. By the way, they aren't closing for lack of business...
Araya's new restaurant on Madison is beautiful and staff lovely . The food is wonderful. The older U district location on Ave is also fabulous.
@ 10, given the cannibalism known to have occured at Chaco Canyon I always thought it was a hilarious name for a vegan joint.
Did Wayward Cafe ever learn to wash their greens? The only time we ate there, several years ago, it was OK until my spousal critter hit the blobs of dried mud on her kale.

I've worked in a few restaurants. Completely immersing greens in a prep sink is NOT an option!
It has recently come to my attention - and I only wish I could reconstruct the google query responsible - that somewhere in Oregon there is (or was) a vegan strip club.

What in the world do they call the "meat rack" in a vegan strip club?