Ben and Bunny
  • Ben and Bunny

Happy Halloweek, dearest ‘mos and ‘mo-adjacents! Who (and/or what) are you going to be? Well, you better figure it out fast, bub, because the Grand Prize for the best costume at Bump! on Thursday is $1,000, and lord knows you need the money. (OBAMA!) Now, if you didn’t just fall out of a turnip tree, you’ll know that Bump! has been the big gay Halloween do since dirt was in diapers. (Oh the memories! I wish I could remember…) As I mention in today's Homosexual Agenda, this year’s event is hosted by none others than our own incomparable Ben DeLaCreme and NYC’s fabulously foulmouthed drag legend, The Lady Bunny. There will of course be a glamorous V.I.P. room hosted by the mesmerizing Markos sisters for all your needs, and there shall be sets by DJs Superthreat (Nark + Amoania) and Jimi Jaxon. And the very best part of all? YOU’RE GOING TO WIN TWO V.I.P. TICKETS MAYBE! (That’s a $150 value, by the way. Cha-ching!) That's right! You shall hob the nobs of drag royalty! You shall drink like an alcoholic flounder! You shall dance like no one is watching (except Lady Bunny, and she's totally going to make fun of you)! You know the drill…simply retwat the following tweetering by 12 PM Thursday, and your name shall be thrown into a rusty old bucket, from whence a lucky winner shall be selected at random by the spooky fingers of fate!

Ghouls and gals, start your tweetering! Ben, Bunny and I can't wait to see you there.