• Slog Tipper Matt

Slog tipper Matt sent in the above photo on Wednesday and said:

Last night there were two Pronto bikes in the laundry room of my apartment building in Greenlake. I took this photo around 10:30pm. The bikes were gone this morning. Earlier in the evening, I saw an unattended Pronto bike on Roosevelt Ave leaning against a bike rack.

I asked if he thought they were stolen.

I don't really know. Stolen was my first thought... I don't know of any [Pronto] kiosks nearby. But it's totally possible they were just put there while the riders used the bathroom or something. You can see in the photo, both Pronto bikes have helmets hanging from handles. The situation seemed strange because of the time limits on the rentals. They were gone this morning, but they were there long enough last night to get my clothes out of the dryer, fold them, take them upstairs, and then go back downstairs to take a photo of them. Seems like at the very least, they'd be racking up additional charges.

Yeah, dropping your Pronto bike off in a laundry room isn't really how the bike share program is supposed to work. But Sean Conroe, the business development manager at Pronto Cycle Share, responded yesterday that nothing seems terribly amiss. "There is no significant theft issue with Pronto bikes," he said, when I asked if Pronto bikes have been stolen. "What happened in this instance, and what we're seeing here and there, are that bikes are being checked out longer than the normal 30 minute 'free' period that's included with each type of membership."

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And here's a useful tip—Conroe says that if you're unaware of how Pronto charges overage fees (an extra $7 for 60–90 minutes, $77 for more than 8 hours, $1,200 for more than 24 hours), place a call to customer service and tell them. This will "most likely result in a refund and a reminder about how the pricing structure works," he explains.

Did you leave the bike you checked out from the system in Matt's Greenlake apartment complex's laundry room for so long that it got expensive? Hit Pronto up.