The Morning News: City Opens Emergency Shelter in Response to Cold Weather


The problem isn't the body cams, but the distribution of the videos. The police should make these available for viewing in their stations or in the county courthouse. Every video could be made available for viewing, but not copying. The same goes for 911 calls. Let journalists listen to them and take notes. There is no reason for them to broadcast the actual audio.
We need police cams so we can see the kinds of scum bags the police risk their lives to protect us from EVERY-FUCKING-DAY
On this Veterans Day, whether we just mindlessly say "Thank you for your service" or make some actual effort to go beyond that, remember that under our current policies just 5% of Americans have a direct tie to a veteran.…

An enlisted man may be more apprehensive about going through a job interview than returning to the battlefield.
Yes, let's saddle our police with all sorts of cumbersome and time consuming electronics and gear that open up more and more streams for litigation to where nobody would ever want to be a cop anymore.
@5 Get over it. Body cameras are no more cumbersome than a pack of gum. Cops need to be held accountable for their actions. Cameras can help to tell both sides of the story, they can inform the public of how a situation was handled from beginning to end. No more "he-said-she-said" bullshit.

I get nervous around cops, because most of them are assholes from my experience, and I've heard so many times from police apologists like you: "if you haven't done anything wrong you've got nothing to worry about." While it's a bullshit argument to begin with, let's just say I accept it. Fair enough. I've got nothing to worry about. Now the same can be said for cops I regards to cameras: "if you aren't being a complete asshole and in breach of public trust and safety by abusing your badge, you've got nothing to worry about."
Will there be a shelter for minors open as well?

Cities that have implemented bodycams have seen civilian complaints against the police drop. So maybe you might shut the fuck up? Just a suggestion.
Phoebe, you have just confirmed that you are a stupid bitch! All the police abuse allegations mean nothing to you? All the violations of people's civil rights mean nothing?
The police response to the problem is just a thin veil for their real interest: to continue being unaccountable to the public that pays them.
As for the video, what led up to the encounter would be nice to know, as well as the question of if they found anything on the perp. All we saw is that he cried racist, and that he ran. Semgreater context would be nice.
Regarding the perp: who doesn't leave home with their ID (other than those bad days when you forget it)?
@4 The 5% figure is getting distanced from the original quote, "Over 95 percent of Americans have no direct tie to the veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars."

I may believe that. I know veterans who served in Iraq or Afghanistan and I know current service members, but I don't know that I have a "direct tie" to any of them.

But certainly a much greater percentage of Americans have a connection to some veteran.
Wow @10 - "Stupid bitch"...really? Someone with an (unfortunate) opinion different than yours is automatically a "Stupid bitch"? You should go fuck yourself.
#10 idiot dickhead: For example, I don't have an "ID," or "papers." I do have a driver's license, however, which I do not take with me when I walk somewhere. You must be glued to the seat of your vehicle.
I stand by my statement. The "let the cops do their job" argument only seems to come up when the people are agitated against police injustice. It is an elitist response, ignorant of what is really happening in the world. Since the first time she made an impression on me (I can't even remember what it was about now) she has shown herself to be in the same league as Seattle Blues and other RW trolls, but with an undeniably more civil surface.
I think she needed to be called out for what she is. Sometimes civility gets in the way of the truth.
Bremerton cops are some of the few cops in the area worse than SPD. This has nothing to do with privacy, and everything to do with not showing regular beatings, including naval personnel.
It would be nice if a woman could express an opinion without being called a stupid bitch. But at least the kneejerk misogynists make themselves easy to identify so that the rest of us can ignore their blatherings.
@14 - and I stand by mine. Calling her a "stupid bitch" isn't going to make anyone suddenly change their mind and switch their opinion to yours, even if you're right. Dolt.
Funny cops say body cams are an invasion of privacy. I guess cops don't realize we're really sick of their impunity.
Who said I was trying to change her mind?