OH, YOU AND YOUR BITCHIN'! Will it ever stop? [Editor's Note: For those who'd like to avoid another of Wm.™ Steven Humphrey's borderline nonsensical "in MY day" rants, please skip the next two paragraphs.] In MY day, whining, griping, and bellyachin' was FROWNED UPON. But trust me! We had plenty—PUHHH-LENTY—of things to complain about! (Including, but not limited to: polio, smallpox, rickets, blind staggers, Adolf Hitler, "female complaints," poisoned whiskey, fever sores, scald head, goiter, and limited access to porn.) We just stayed quiet about it! We didn't have your fancy "inter-net," your frilly "Twitter machine," and your complicated "Facebook maker"! We had our MOUTHS. And for the most part... we wisely kept them shut!

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Why? Because in MY day, we valued our teeth! We didn't live in a protective bubble...


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