The Song of the Day Comes with a Question: Do People Still Love Marilyn Manson?


Did people ever? Seriously? The man was a walking punchline even among people who liked pop-goth/industrial music back in the 80s.
Rob Breszny was an astrological joke back in the 90s, but no one seems to mind.
I saw him play at the Mercer Arena in 2001. Good rocking show, tight band. Going by his interviews, he seems to be a pretty sharp guy. Don't get the hate.
I don't think it's hate. We're just so tired of the schticky performers. Breszny and Manson are cartoons and oppurtunists from what came before them. Savage being a gross extension of Dr Ruth could be iin the same camp, just not in same cozy tent... oohlala
His shtick always felt pretty tired to me.
So he's going for a Bowie Thin White Duke sorta thing? Still makes me crave a slice from Marilyn Mozzarella's and try to remember the 16 P's To Success.
Please upgrade your taste in music, Kelly.

Marilyn Manson and ICP are garbage. And I'm not talking about the fresh garbage from the top of the pile. Those guys are the rotten, soupy sludge at the bottom of the bag.

It's not even OK to like them ironically.
I've made it this far without ever hearing anything recorded by Marilyn Manson and I'm not about to start now.
What is it about aging that makes rockers adopt that mid-tempo, bluesy, rocking-but-not-rocking-too-hard sound?
As an aside, I'd like you all to take a moment and imagine Twiggy Ramirez in full makeup strumming that riff on stage.
I donno. I think a lot of people who were sucked into the MTV void found his antics a nice relief, and he certainly inspired a certain generation of youth (post-Grunge, post-Rage Against the Machine) into being rebellious and thinking beyond the industry. He was successful at commenting on the industry from within the industry.
Manson for the most part kind of struck me as an updating of the best of the Alice Cooper Band, at least his sound in the earlier part of the previous decade. Schticky but rocking.

@9, Overhead--Mortgage payments, child support, alimony, new wife expense account, etc.
@6 -- he did the Bowie thing for the first time about 15 years ago on Mechanical Animals, so this doesn't seem terribly new or different.

@12 hit the nail on the head -- Marilyn Manson was largely just copping Alice Cooper's act, but updated and industrialized.

I say all of this as someone who actually does like a fair bit of the Marilyn Manson catalog, though the last couple of records were mostly bad. I wrote nearly every paper I had in college (and I wrote a lot of papers in college) with Antichrist Superstar on repeat.
@12/13 - What I always thought as well. I'm not young enough to have ever been in danger of actually enjoying MM's music, but I'll concede he was more-or-less a mid-90's affected Alice Cooper. Tangentially, I saw Alice Cooper this summer and it was great.
Alice Cooper blows hobos.
@15 - is that good or bad?