The Morning News: Washington Tightens Logging Rules to Prevent Catastrophic Mudslides


@99, it's hard to win two in a row.
I'm not sure why differences of opinion have to be made into death spirals. Unless size is also the problem, it may be something Cialis could help you deal with.
@ 102, assuming that's addressed to me, all I can do is laugh. I've forgotten exactly what you said to me last year, but it was one hell of a death spiral. I guess that makes it funny if you meant fnarf, too.
@98, you're impossible. It's more stimulating to argue with Seattleblues, and more fun to argue with Will in Seattle. You're just...nonentical. I am bored. I need a better class of people to talk to.
Then go, already. Jesus.
@101 John Elway couldn't agree with you more.

If he weren't so mulish, he wouldn't be Fnarf, would he? The effort he puts into composing overwrought playground insults, instead of just typing "you know, you do have a point there," might be the most endearing thing about him.
@68, Thank you for that.
@68 Thank you for sharing that. For the first time in years, I actually have some Jagermeister in my liquor cabinet, and I will take a shot in his honor and memory. I always thought it was funny, 5280 was the only older person I knew of who copped to a taste for Jager.

I think a good chunk of the former regulars are still reading, at least here and there, even if they don't comment anymore. I'm disappointed in the new direction, but I still can't quit, it's an old habit that doesn't want to die. Jesus, it's been 9 years!
Yeah, thanks Urgutha -- that was pretty freaking wonderful. And I'll be sure to drink several shots of Jager in his honor so as to make up for all you goddamn wussbags.
Many of the old-timers are still here. They just don't comment anymore.
I will toast 5280 tomorrow on his birthday, but I haven't yet decided with what. Bless him. Jagger is too much for me. I'm usually a gin martini. Let's all chime in on the Slog post closest to 5pm MST tomorrow (for the Denver cocktail hour) and write what cocktails we are having.
@112: marvelous idea Phoebe.
@ 112, I'll have to do it another time during the day because every Friday at 5:00 pm MST, I'm driving my daughter to her dance lesson. However, I'm going to be going downtown and Capitol Hill, right where Pete's Satire Lounge is, so I'm going to drop by for a shot while going about my business.
Callie @92 - you are so right and I am so embarrassed. My sincere apologies.

@112 - Good suggestion, I'm down. Thanks Phoebe.

Fnarf and Matt, you guys are so cute I can't even.
I know, it just makes the make up sex that much hotter.
@114: So noted and cheers! Back in the early 70's I rented an upstairs apt in an old Tudor on York St., not far from where I see Pete's Satire Lounge is. How lovely it was to be within a walking distance to Cheesman Park!
Yeah, Jeff (5280) and I used to both be within walking distance of the Satire Lounge. When I first moved to Denver I lived just south of Colfax and Gaylord ave. I think Jeff lived about 5 or 6 blocks West of the Lounge. When I offhandedly mentioned I was moving to Denver, he said we simply must get together and meet in person for a drink. Just a friendly guy through and through, despite his sometimes mean comments here... he liked being a rabble rouser.

He also drank Newcastle Brown Ale, so if Jaeger isn't your thing, I'm sure a brown ale would be a nice tribute too.
I'll try to chime in when I can as to what cocktail I'm having although it may not be happy hour time since I have a long commute from where I work in North Boulder to my home in Thornton (certainly too far from there to the Satire Lounge, but if any Sloggers do ever make it out to Denver, it would be fun to all get together there at some point).

I always drank Jameson when I hung out with 5280, so I'll probably do that.
A Jameson or a Newcastle are right up my alley. And really, thanks for all your updates today. Despite the disagreements I sometimes had with him, there was something about Jeff's presence that made me want to like him. Seems like that intuition was right. I've been missing his presence here on Slog and it's sad to know that his absence is now permanent.
@ 30 Miss you too. 5280 was a soft hearted soul in a prickly wrapping.

@ 21 Thank you for passing the news on Jeff (5280). We had are differences, but i considered him a friend.
@119 Jeff liked Tulamore Dew. And, a Newcastle with a shot of Jager. All is good. His birthday is this week. I'll definitely be toasting him. Cheers!

I'm doing a happy dance right now. So good to hear from you!
@ 123 Pridge Wessea,

Hi! Thank you. Nice to be here for a bit. Dance on. Take care.

Yeah, Jeff did tell me that he knew a few sloggers personally - or at least, knew who they were in the "real world" even if he might not have met them - and I think he mentioned you were one of them...? He liked to talk about knives and music more than anything else so I may have missed who exactly he knew.

I DO know he really admired Charles Mudede. Called him a genius actually.

He liked Tullamore Dew? I never saw him order one, but I could have been too drunk to ever notice :P

I'm heartened to see so many people speak fondly of him. I had considered writing to the Stranger editors when he died a few months back to let them know but I wasn't really sure what to say, and I know he was such an antagonist on here at times (which he also relished... liked being the "bad guy") so I just sort of pocketed it.

In any case, it's been nice to recall the times I got to hang out with him. He was a character, no doubt about that.
@56: Thank you.

I must say that over the past two years I have learned a lot from what I thought were "liberal progressives" griping about our economic system. But until the disparity between asset income (stocks, etc.) and wage income comes to some sort of equilibrium, I regret to say that I do not find such a solution advocated by either John Boehner or Mitch McConnell to keep this country moving forward.

@125: He was a good antagonist. We don't discuss things here just to hear our own opinions repeated back to us. He challenged them and did it well. There are plenty of trolls here to start flamewars with, but you could have a discussion with him.
Gerz, I thought we were holding a wake for Fnarf.
@88 Pridge
I can't imagine Dan feels that way anymore. He must have wrote that before he realized what a great tool this was to get the word out to people. How many times did sloggers come through to inundate idiots with emails and letters of protest? And how much money has the slog raised for good causes? Slog was the place to get the word out; far more effective than through his Savage Love column, even though it has a magnitude more of readers.

Dan, tell slog what you think of slog now that it's dying!

I'm sure Dan's regret was tongue-on-cheek.

Yes, I was one of the those outside sloggers, you remember correctly. He was indeed a character. He did love his Randal knives, music, and the law. He could pay David Gilmore's solos brilliantly on his Les Paul too. I agree, it is lovely to see that his unique engagement style is remembered fondly by others. He was good man.
I'm really sorry to hear 5280 died. So sad. He certainly added a lot of interest to SLOG over the years.

What are people reading for Seattle stuff these days? I'm trying Seattlish, Publiclola (what happened to Erica, BTW?), and I never liked Crosscut much, but nothing is giving me what SLOG used to give me. My neighborhood blog (wallyhood) is a hilarious joke at the expense of my dull NIMBY neighbors. I've been posting here for almost seven years, but since I'm basically a doofus I'm not beloved like y'all, but boy do I miss the old SLOG and the interesting folks who contributed.
On Publicola, Josh commented in a post that ECB is currently out battling alcoholism. Yet another depressing bit of news, but the fact that she is seeking treatment is a good sign.
He may have written it tongue-in-cheek, but I think he wrote it in response to the fact that slog grew to really take far more of the staff's time than they ever thought it would. They got involved in answering comments and defending their positions-- the 'personal' that so many of us are missing.

Dan often makes ( made; he's gotten much better at boundaries) his genuine apologies into tongue-in-cheek posts. Especially when he would share details of his and Terry's life together, then probably get (justified) shit from Terry for using those things to stir up slog, Savage Love and the Podcast. I think that all swung too far-- the time and personal involvement in slog posts- and there was a decision (order) to pull it back. Now they've pulled it back so far, we feel a draft!
@132, the Stranger compiled a list of neighborhood blogs, alt-weeklies, broadcast media, etc. that they jokingly called Free Seattle Times. You can view the list without a Twitter account here:…

Google the list names for their web addresses, obv.
@133: I'm sorry to hear about Erica, but frankly not too surprised. Poor thing, that is a tough battle she's in.
@ 133, thanks for sharing. I met her and her boyfriend for drinks here, 7 or 8 years ago when she was sent to cover Denver's transit system. It was fun, even if it prompted her to write a snide comment about the fashion she saw in her post.
@132, there was Wallyhood post about leaving anonymous notes on neighbor's door last summer that summed up the neighborhood. I see there is a new one on that and then there's the complaints about the homeless lady who sits out front the QFC.
@103, there must be some purpose to making arguments so personal. I'd rather see more friendly disagreements, especially if it means more people comment. I like Fnarf's comments and want to see his input. I'd suggest Dan add voting to Slog like they have on
Man this thread makes me feel old. I remember going at it with both Fnarf and Will back on the old P-I boards before they went all FB. Such spirited debate is missed, and now not even having the glimmer of a hope for its return is indeed a sad thing.
Just jumping on the "what a great thread" bandwagon of sorts. I've been wondering many of the same things that have been brought up, above. I'm still holding out for some sort of response from The Stranger. Ebb&Flow I guess! Good to hear your voice again, Fnarf...I think.
Stereogum actually does a better comment section. Enough down votes and the comment is hidden. That might help reduce the acrimony.
Greeting to All,

I have Lapsang Souchong tea with a side shot of Laphroaig in honor of Fifty-Two-Eighty. Today would have been his birthday. He was a wonderful mixed bag. He played guitar beautifully, collected knives and a few guns, loved elk steaks, smoked endlessly, enjoyed his booze, he was a libertarian. He looked fabulous in drag from the pictures he shared. Once he convinced me to send some thigh high pantyhose, because I argued that wearing control top were miserable, for when he dressed again. Jeff loved to go out of his way to push your buttons, but he had your back. We argued a lot in e-mail exchanges, he hated to be wrong about anything, and I am obstinate. Yes he loved to stir the pot here, he was our friend, and I will miss him.

It's drinks o'clock Denver time, so here's to the late 5280/Jeff.

Unfortunately for me, J├Ągermeister's on sale at half-price this week, so I'm hoisting his tipple of choice because I'm a cheap s.o.b.

Thanks for the laughs and the teeth-grinding and the LGBT/pot support. Long may you rankle and delight the denizens of whatever place you now inhabit.
So sorry to hear about 5280. I disagreed with him on guns but agreed on a lot of other issues. He argued his points intelligently and (usually) respectfully. I wish I had the opportunity to meet him personally; I would probably have really liked him. I'm having a simple glass of red wine in his honor.

This seems like a Slog reunion. I dropped out a few years ago and now rarely post although I still read it regularly.

Kim in Portland: How nice to hear from you again! You were one of my favorite Sloggers back in the day. Hope all is well with you.
@Rainman (145)

Nice to hear from you too. I am doing well at the moment. Wow. I am honored. I truly enjoyed meeting you during my one SLOG happy. Like you I mostly lurk these days.

Take care.
Ak! Egads, I missed this nostalgia post yesterday.

I'll hoist a drink to the departed 5280. Like many of you, I argued with him about guns occasionally, but he didn't seem completely nutty about it like the NRA kooks. Didn't seem like a bad guy, despite a difference of opinion. Sorry to hear of his passing.

I haven't been posting as much lately either. I still read Slog pretty regularly, but find less and less to bother getting into the comments about. I miss Fnarf's input. So many writers I liked are gone, and either not replaced, or replaced by lightweights. *sigh*
To 5280, a great Slogger. I'll drink a shot of Sailor Jerry to ya.

And since I heard he was a cop, and definitely an American, this sounds appropriate:…
Late to the party: but here's to 5280! Nice to see posts from Kim and RainMan. Wish you all were around more often. Thanks to Urgutha and Kim for the remembrances of Jeff/5280.
I'm having a Jameson, what I always drank when hanging out with Jeff/5280.

I disagreed with him on a LOT of stuff but he always laughed it off and told me I'd come to my senses one day. He loved to show me his knives and his rare blocks of wood that he'd have turned into knife handles.

He told me some of his stories during his days as a cop. He had unfortunately had to use his weapon with deadly results in the line of duty a couple times and from the way he told it, it weighed heavily on him.

He had a habit of pouring each new beer order from the new glass into the old one. No idea why he did that. Smoked like a fiend.

He loved Denver and I think he missed the crazy weather here, but he did enjoy his final months in Providence, Rhode Island (I think I said Boston previously, not sure what I was thinking).

A great guy with a mind as sharp as his knives. I do miss hanging out with him.
It's 8:21 mountain and I'm finally toasting Jeff. I have been crazy busy today, putting over a hundred miles on the car running this errand and that. I didn't have time to grab a shot at the Satire as originally planned even though I was in the hood. So I grabbed a sixpack of Newcastle. (My stomach was rebelling at the thought of Jaeger. Yeah, I chickened out, Jeff. Sue me.)

Anyway, here's to a real mensch. Wish Slog had more like him. Happy Birthday!
Doesn't anyone want to yap bout loggin?
I had a couple shots of rum. Happy bday 5280.

@150 - Thank you again.
I just now found out about our dear 5280's passing (thank you, Phoebe, for spreading the word). I will proceed to the Rathskeller of Chez Vel-DuRay and toast him with a shot of Tequilla.

Au Revoir, our Slog pal. You were terse and brusque, but I shall miss you.
Happy to share my memories. Plus the little "reunion" here was nice to see as well. Now I want to watch "The Big Chill" again...
Sorry to be so late. Cragganmore is what I'm drinking. A classy shot for a classy Slogger.
Happy birthday. I wish I'd had a chance to meet you in life. It saddens me to learn so much about you now that it's too late.
And I just want to say how nice to see everybody. Like Kim!
So happy to read you all too. Be well.
This is some thread. You guys are awesome. Glad to see Fnarf is still around and kicking with vigor.

Re: Slog - We've been a bit short-staffed in the news area lately, but that should change soon. Doing what I can!
I had an Immortal Beloved Hefeweizen. It's nice to see Kim and Fnarf and Urgutha and Lissa and the rest all showing up. It's a SLOG Depressed is what it is, because it's less happy if there's sad things being said and people are drinking in many different separate houses.
The trolls had taken over comments, so I stopped reading them. Thanks for bringing back some of the old time charm.

Fucking hell. I get bored and don't read Slog for a few days, and miss the best thread in months.

Sad to hear about 5280. I'd wondered why he wasn't tearing up the fucking 594 threads.

@107 8^)
I'm also late to the party and appreciate reading all the comments here. I'd wondered about 5280 as well, and it's nice to fnarf and Kim dropping in to say hi and weigh in.

I mainly just lurk, but I read almost all of the comments and miss the sort of engagement that used to be found here.

I'll pick up a Newcastle tonight, as I can't stag J├Ąger, and offer a belated toast to 5280.
What's happened at The Stranger, concentrated into Slog, is sad. I hope the people with the ability to make it happen recognize this and right the ship.

@150, Urgutha wrote, "[5280] had a habit of pouring each new beer order from the new glass into the old one. No idea why he did that." If you prefer beers at traditional temperature and carbonation level, and are faced with the result of practices that became the norm in post-Prohibition United States, pouring that newly-served, frigid and/or fizzy, beer into your room-temperature glass usually makes it taste better.

Interesting, didn't think about that... makes sense though.