• Brooklyn Benjestorf

Tell UW Medicine to invest in healthcare workers!
Healthcare workers at Harborview and UW Medical Center-Northwest care for you. Now it’s time for UW Medicine to care for us.

Name: Colin

Where: the Oak and 95 Slide

Buy Him a Shot Of: Fernet on the rocks.

Ask Him to Make You A: Great Goblin. “It’s a cocktail I made up," he says. "It’s a UK Sour with a walnut liqueur and a float of red wine. It’s nice for the cold days.”

Support The Stranger

What He’s Doing When He’s Not at the Bar: “Making food, riding motorcycles, looking for aliens, and playing some music. I’m in this band Nightmare Fortress; we play dark, dancey music.”

Words to Live By: “If you can, just do what you want and make sure to enjoy it and it’ll make you a lot happier.”