The Seahawks Lost? So What? They're Just a Week Away from Winning Again


Home game or away game?
@ 1, it's a home game, which is the only real reason to consider a Seahawk win possible.
The issue with Seattle is that they have only beaten two teams worth a damn, Green Bay and Denver, both of which were home games as well. Four of their wins are against bottom ten teams (WSH, STL, NYG, and OAK).

That is a real cause for concern.
Zzzzzzz .....
BTW, as I said last week, Seattle has no more losing teams to pad their record with easy wins*. They are currently in 8th place overall in the NFC. That's not out of the picture, but with two dates each with the Cardinals and 49ers, along with the Eagles in Philadelphia, you've got an uphill climb just to experience the privilege of losing a wildcard playoff.

* and a lot of those wins against losing teams didn't come easy at all.
@2 I like that the Giants were 1-4 for 3 yds passing in this game.
@2, @7

I wonder if that was in the snow. Also, who were the players? Were all the regular pros in the military, like major league baseball?
I have grieved the loss of the fabulous Superbowl team of last year and I'm now ready to revert to the mildly distracting amusement of following a decent middle-of-the-pack team as I wander around my place on Sundays with the TV on but the sound off.... good for them if they win a few more, but now I won't be crushed if/when they miss the playoffs. I have my memories.
I'm sticking by my prediction of 9-7. that's splitting the last 6. whether that gets a wild card is doubtful.

1. They do not have a good receiving corp. Period.
2. Unger is gone. The run offense suffered immediately - i.e. the 1st 4th down failure (and Pete should have taken the points).
3. The D is not healthy enough to stop the run and the LOB is off their game as a result.

to win the SB, everything has to go perfect. you have to be healthy. the Seahawks aren't healthy.
Reasons this is silly.

Aforementioned Arizona run defense. Marshawn struggles to get 50 yards so it's all on Russell.

Rookie Center. The blitzes will come from the edges and Wilson is at his best when he can roll away. He rolls away and ouch...he just got pancaked by an OLB.

Seattle run defense without Mebane is awful. Ellington had a productive game against San Francisco who have a really good run defense. Figure he'll be somewhere between 75-100 yards in this game.

Finally, Russell Wilson. So far he's having his worst season for completion percentage. How much does he miss Golden Tate making great catches on poorly thrown balls?

Arizona is going to win this game.
Man, I hope Unger is back next week. If plays the 4th quarter, we win the Chiefs game. Right now we have a goddamned FOURTH STRING center!

Bobby Wagner should be back, which means pretty much our entire starting defensive backfield will be playing. Drew Stanton doesn't stand a chance.

And, hey, there's a Sounders playoff match opposite the Seahawks game on Sunday. Maybe the bandwagon fans will have jumped ship and I can actually get a ticket to see the Hawks.
@6: I saw Jake Plummer on the Pac-12 Network this week. He appears to be in decent shape. Maybe it's time for the Broncos to consider a quarterback change.
Change the question from, "Can they do it?" to "are they better than the teams they chasing?" and you know the answer is 'no.' The Seahawks never had last year's depth on defense, and there are more injuries than last year. Plus, they've lost the captain of the O-line, and the coaching yesterday was off. Was Cheatin' Pete too amped up to settle for the three point or did he not trust the defense?

A win against Arizona would set up a great game on Thanksgiving. I think we'll get that, and then start thinking about the wish list to patch the holes next season.
@6 and 13, those losing teams (the Rams) aren't as easy to beat on the field.
@ 13, what @ 15 said. Gee, and I was thinking you'd be able to contain yourself. Guess I have to point out that Denver is still in 2nd place in the AFC and still much more likely to repeat a Super Bowl appearance, and still a much more glorious team than the Seahawks.

Russell Wilson... good thing he's not signed to a long term contract, amirite?
You know what else is "glorious": 43-8.
The Bears beat the Vikings at home. FUCKING FINALLY. Cutler had two dumb interceptions, but he delivered where it counted and the defense played the pass well. Now let's do it against a team that's not the Vikings.
If the Seahawks can not afford decent recievers or any O-line depth now, how the hell are they going to improve those things once Ru$$el wants his 18 million a year?

Wilson depends heavily on a smothering defense and dominant run game, when Lynch is not re-signed, how are they going to replace that production? If you think Turbin or Michael can even come close, you have not been watching.

Those are the real questions.

@18: Did you see Zimmer's post game presser? He was PISSED because the clocks at Soldier's Field were malfunctioning the whole game.
@16, I will be surprised if Seattle beats the Rams this year. Yesterday is probably the game they'll regret if not the Cowboys game that got away. KC had good coaching yesterday, and Seattle did not.

55-10, too.
@ 17, see @ 22. Your boys couldn't even give us a real humiliation like the 49ers. Now, there is a glorious, non flash in the pan team. One that Denver still is closer to than Seattle.

The ignorant yammerings of a homer afraid to bet on his team (that would be you, DOUG.) always gives me reason to be proud of my team. Your overachieving bums are going to watch my team go back to the Super Bowl.

Immortalized on the Simpsons.…
Old news, seatackled. I've been laughing at that for 23 years.
@23: Says the dude yammering about a team he didn't even see play on Sunday.
Which team is that? The one playing in my market @ 11:00 local? That would be... The Seahawks. *sad trombone for DOUG.*
The Broncos were on at the same time as the Hawks yesterday. I assumed you'd be watching them. Guess not. Some "fan".
Ever hear of a "remote control" which allows you to "flip" channels?

I seriously pwn yr sorry self every week, DOUG. Why do you bother?
I have heard of a remote control. It's the thing I don't use during Seahawks games. Like I said...some fan.
Some fan of football I am, agreed! True fans pay attention to games that have a direct bearing on their teams' fortunes. You would have watched some of DEN-STL if you were a real Seahags fan.
@31: if they were on at the same time, only the SEA-KC game was on. that's the way our market works. only the local team, then 2 games before or after that.
@ 32, bummer for Seattle.
@Matt from denver, why are you commenting? No Seahawks fan gives a cap about what a Denver donkey fan has to say. Stick to being bitter about getting your teams asses kicked in the super bowl.
@32: Based upon NFL policy, KIRO-TV could've opted to show a game opposite the Seahawks game on Fox, but they know no one in Seattle gives a shit about the Broncos game (or any other game) when the Hawks are on. Instead they showed a late game...Raiders @ Chargers.
Seattle lacks a real fanbase, as exhibited by DOUG.'s attitude, which explains the policy.
...says the guy who didn't even watch his own team play on Sunday. Some fan.
Sad you would say that. Channelling Seattleblues, are we DOUG.? You're eithet exceptionally dishonest, or unable to think things through, such as last week when you assumed that I didn't think Felix deserved the Cy Young (he was my choice, I just disputed that he was "robbed.")
No problem, man. I bet you weren't the only Denver fan to "flip channels" away from that St Louis beatdown to the much more entertaining Seahawks/Chiefs game.

Go Hawks!
Oh, and I'm pretty sure I said Felix got "screwed", an assertion I stand by.

Go M's!
@38 You're still in the AFC.
@ 39, only during the commercials. And it was a treat seeing my observation of Seattle's sophomore slump proven once again.

@ 40, in contravention of compelling evidence? What a good homer.

@ 41, a conference in which the Seahawks were always a joke. Their dominance of the NFC is an indictment of that conference's perennial lameness, but you keep pretending otherwise.
Q: What is the only team to play in both the NFC and AFC Championship Games?
A: Seattle Seahawks!!!
You say that as though that's an accomplishment. They couldn't WIN the AFC Championship, could they?
That was the same season the Hawks beat the Broncos 31-7 in the AFC Wild Card Game. Those teams have met twice in the postseason. Cumulative score: Seahawks 74, Broncos 15. Wow!
But only two lousy Super Bowl berths and onr championship to show for it.

Tell me true, DOUG. Do you think the 2014 Seattle Seahawks will repeat? Do you think they'll even reach the playoffs? Be honest.
Hmmm... Such question shut DOUG. up. Must remember that.
The Seahawks will be NFL World Champions on February 1, 2015. I guarantee it.