Big Hypocrite Rand Paul Votes Against NSA Reform


Guh, who dresses this guy? His mom? That tux looks hideous: the trousers are at least two inches too short (not only do they not have a break, but they actually look like nerdy "high waters"), the sleeves are at least an inch too long (there should be about a quarter inch of shirt cuff showing), and the jacket cut looks like it's about 4 inches to large. And I'll bet dollars to donut holes that tie is a hook-on.

If this guy seriously wants to be "Leader of the Most Powerful Nation On Earth" (tm) he really needs to start dressing the part - and buying off-the-rack at Mens Warehouse isn't going to cut it.
That tuxedo though. What the fuck.
This is why the libertarian thing is just a scam to get young people to vote GOP.
He looks like a kid in a grown up's tux.
Poor Paulie Constantpated gets his facts wrong again.

Rand Paul voted against the bill because it did not go far enough in controlling NSA.

Do some research Paulie Constantpated.
Catwalk? Pretty sure you meant red carpet. RP is an asshole either way, but the joke kind of fails if the terminology is wrong.
This is an illustration of the point that it doesn't matter what Rand Paul "thinks" about any given issue because his actions will always be constrained by politics. And this becomes more true the more power a politician accumulates.
From everything I can tell, the USA Freedom Act as voted upon was a bullshit piece of legislation that left plenty of loopholes for the intelligence apparatus to exploit, renewed several nasty elements of the Patriot Act, mooted several important ongoing judicial challenges to state surveillance, and offered only weaksauce protections that could be undermined (like the FISA advocate). Better to send them back to the drawing board on this version and fight against re-authorizing the main Patriot Act in 2015. I'm not a Paulite, but this sure isn't a reason to jump on him.

Yea, and mentally ill dumfucks like C_S.

again, can we have a GOP-senator free day on Slog? that's 2 so far today.
Every Libertarian knows that Rand is a Republican.

It seems to only be the ignorant fuckwits who think that politics are hereditary. *cough*CbytheSea*cough*
Some people can't even read the articles they post. "Mr. Paul also voted no, but because he believed it did not do enough to restrict the N.S.A." Big hypocrite my ass

(sigh) Come on. This is simply an attempt to extend the Patriot Act.

This is simply the Stranger doing what it does best: being EXTREME in it's partisan bantering.…
@6, 13 - Come on, you lazy trolls, at least read the thing you're attempting to refute.

And as Scott Lemieux at Lawyers, Guns, & Money points out, even though Paul will claim he didn't vote for the bill because it wasn't strong enough, he actually voted against the bill at the behest of Mitch McConnell, who believed it took too many powers away from the NSA.

Paul [Constant] is acknowledging [Rand] Paul's excuse and calling it bullshit, as are many other people.
Rand Paul speaks his conscience but votes with his party when it really matters.

So, he's exactly like Obama, then (only with less blood on his hands). Got it.