Christian Sex Toy Store or Missing Spice Girl?


Dan, I think you're off base with this one. Why should we care what line of BS/shmoozing some businessfolk are using to sell product into an underserved market? Unless they're refusing to sell to some segment of the population, and I don't believe they are, who cares?
If you are a Christian, lingerie, sex toys and other sexual products may have previously seemed out of reach because of the stores and websites where you would have to go to make a purchase; many of which are uncomfortable to visit. Our website is meant to make the purchase of Christian sexual aids comfortable for married couples; something that you can do together from the privacy of your own home.

Because let's face it. That is a market that could use more penetration. They deserve kudos for persuasiveness, not opprobrium for hypocrisy.
I can't get past the first question: how do they verify that their products only go to married couples?

And--even if we restrict that to heterosexual couples--is it all married heterosexual couples? Or only those who can verify that they were married within a

Christian church?
Tee hee hee. @ 1 said "penetration."
From their website: "There is no nudity or models on our site or on any of our packaging."

I'm not going to wade deeper into the site or buy a product but I see two possibilities here:

1. The products are marketed in a discrete,"brown paper bag" fashion. Nothing wrong with that.

2. The products will lack all but the most basic of documentation, leaving many curious fundamentalist Christians fumbling and perplexed while they try to figure out how to use their purchased items. "WWJD?" indeed.
The "Blessings" on the end of that response got the best laugh out of me in at least a month.

I hope the receipt says something like:

1 Anerous MGX Prostate Stimulator
1 Astroglide Lube

I was curious as to whether they call the glass candy cane dildo a "dildo". If they did, then they're more hip than I expected. But they don't. It's a "massager" (that will leave one breathless, allegedly).
So, basically, they've just borrowed Babeland's playbook. "Toys in Babeland" (its original name) was founded to be a women-friendly sex shop, because let's face it, the creepiness factor is pretty high in your average "adult book & novelty shop."

So, Covenant Spice is selling the same stuff into another low-penetration, shy-customer market, and offering a veneer of Christian blessing. I wish them lots of market penetration. Their target market could sure use the penetration.

They truly are doing God's work, enabling their customers to scream out His name with true passion.
I've got no problem with anyone--married Christians included--wanting to get more out of sex. If this company can help them with that, and they're not persecuting anyone else, I'd say back off and let them get off.

Looking at the site, the products are typical, and some on the less-cheesy side. The descriptions are pretty run-of-the-mill, too. Many vibrators are described as "personal massagers," and don't come under fire for it. Dan has deliberately shown the most egregiously silly/not very sexy items, but the site is pretty inclusive for vanilla, woman-positive items.

Frankly, any Christian enterprise that is empowering to women is a welcome change.
Sounds like a seasonal latte flavor at Storyville.
Wondering if Dan made his inquiry as Daniel Keenan/other alias, or whether Lael just prefers the resonance of biblical "Daniel" over the hypocorism.
@1 "That is a market that could use more penetration."

"Multiple toe-burning, breath-taking orgasms are always guaranteed, even with her clothes on!"

I bet the lights are off, too.…
Funny they sell products labeled "naughty". How's that work?
I definitely know someone who is going to be getting the Reversible Naughty or Nice Eye Mask - except I found it for almost half that price on Amazon, heh. Does that count as "shop local"?
Where's the muslim sex toy shop?
Cool. Good for them. Not hurting anyone.
They're not gonna condone homosexuality, but they're not gonna say no to the money.

They want to eat the ass-cake and keep it too.
But Dan, I thought Christmas wasn't sexy! Can the candy cane really be used with your blessings?
Of all the things we have to worry about this seems very far down the line. Lael's response seems to say, "We intend our store to sell to Christian married couples, but we don't do anything to confirm the characteristics of people who order from us." That to me means, "We have our opinions but we deal with anyone." If the various florists and bakers and wedding planners who disapprove of same sex marriage and think that gives them a right to disobey non-discrimination always would just said the equivalent, we'd be in pretty good shape. (BTW, did anyone find out from the website whether in fact they ask for a certification of being married and Christian? My slightly cynical quess for why they don't is that they don't want to seal themselves out of the market for unmarried but straight Christians,) especially women.)
Dan's 'Christmas Shopping' link at the bottom pulls up the 'Christmas Spice' page of the website which features vibrators, dildos, lube, and the MINI LEG LAMP FROM A CHRISTMAS STORY!? I am all for any site or retail outlet wanting to sell A Christmas Story paraphernalia, but I'm a bit concerned that younger married Christians who were raised without exposure to 'worldly' television and movies might be confused as to the erotic implementation of the Major Award.
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