Radio Show Subtronic Is the Beginning of The End's EDM Experiment


I was barely aware The End still existed... And now they're threatening to catch up to, what, 2007 or so? Progress!
The End? Isn't that that classic rock station that plays Nirvana, then Pearl Jam, then nirvana, then pearl jam, repeat ad nauseum?

For how view of how cringeworthy EDM is, check the Electric Daisy Carnival movie/infomercial on Netflix.
So first off, 107.7 used to have a Saturday Night EDM show back in the early aughts called "Ultrasound" from 9pm to midnight. So this isn't their first time trying it out.

Secondly, no mention KNHC when you talk about EDM in Seattle? One of only five terrestrial, full time members of the Billboard Dance/Mix Show panel? Not to mention the only one that's publically funded?

Finally, I'm looking over the setlist, and I'm not really seeing anything all that innovative. You'll see a whole lot of those tracks already playing at places like KNHC or the more popular EDM podcasts. I wish the guy luck, but treating this as the only game in town when it comes to the radio is a bit much.
@3 Nobody's claiming it's the only game in town.

This is newsworthy because it's a departure from KNDD's usual fare. I wish the track selection were edgier, but maybe it'll shift that way over time.

Thanks for pointing out the existence of Ultrasound.
Cuz what Seattle needs is more David Guetta (barf). Ooohhh, will they play Tiesto, too? I love that underground sound of his!
@4 Fair enough, it just seems like KNHC never gets any attention for what they do. They're certainly not perfect but for a station run by high school students they put out a product on par with a lot of the professionals out there.
I miss the rap-rock, nu-metal KNDD of the early 2000s. At with Creed, KORN and Papa Roach I knew what to expect.

Their current programming of unclassifiable (to me at least) indie-electronic-pop makes me feel old, although it is funny how it and KEXP's daytime programming seem to be slowly converging.