WARNING: I'm actually going to make musical references in here, so I'm very sorry if I screw it up, and I'm also sorry if they're actually okay and that's confusing. I've been writing this column for a couple years now, so sometimes I remember stuff. Technically, I have a brain.

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The first track on The Madcap Laughs is "Terrapin," which is the name of a kind of turtle. It's a gold-sweet little love song, and it's not about turtles at all, really! I guess it mentions underwater creatures, but it's also about someone being great. It makes me want to put together a play­list of animal-related love songs. (Off the top of my head, and just off of previous albums I've listened to for this column: "Terrapin," "My Chinchilla" by Cub, "Ram On" by Paul McCartney, maybe "Roadrunner" by the Modern Lovers, but that's not necessarily a love song. Any other ideas?)…