Carve Me Off a Chuck of White Meat
  • Carve Me Off a Chunk of White Meat

If you live in the immediate future, then you already know that the new holiday show, “The Anita Goodmann Experience Turkey Sandwich” is prominently featured in the Homosexual Agenda that doesn’t come out till next Wednesday. Clever you! But if you want to win two tickets to see it, you better get your fanny back here to the past pronto, because that shit’s totally going down right now. But first! Let’s let me let Ms. Goodmann tell you a little about her show in her own words:

We are traveling to The Pocket Theater in the wilds of Greenwood for easy access to medical marijuana dispensaries! In honor of Thanksgiving we will have TWO shows - one Wednesday night before Thanksgiving, and one the Friday after Thanksgiving. If you come on Wednesday you will hear the dinner plans for me and Miss Cassie O'Hara, meet a turkey who wants to be a peacock, a Pokemon battle between a Game Stop assistant manager (played by Brendan Mack) and a 12 year old Pokemon Master (played by Benjamin Thomas who is really 12), and find out why Polio is so jealous about Ebola's fame, with therapy provided by Gary Gloryhole . On Friday we talk about what we ate and focus on Black Friday Shopping! Plus more Pokemon Battles, more jealous diseases, and more Gloryhole! Also both nights will have a performance from co-host Cassie O'hara, burlesque from Opal Essence, and a tune from yours truly.

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Delightful! So you know the drill: retweet the following by 12 noon tomorrow and your name goes into the hat to win two tickets to either show, your choice. Ladies and gentelmo’s, start your tweeting!

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