You Can Go See the New Star Wars Trailer at Regal Thornton Place on Friday


Screw the Slog Polls, this calls for a Downfall video!…
Everyone was so excited for Phantom Menace... we were innocent then. Never Again.
There is no Try, there is only digital video buffering...
The Phantom Menace made me never look forward to any future event ever again. It basically ruined my life.
What the hell is Star Wars? Never heard of it.
It was super-cheesy then. And so were the original 3's trailers.

I know; I was there, bro.

The original trilogy was cheesy. The prequels were an abomination.
Didn't realize how much Ep1 trailer revealed of the movie. Leaves almost nothing hidden... almost pointless to see the actual movie.
I stood in line outside of the Cinerama to see Ep 1 the second day it was out, and I haven't been able to watch it since, it was SO terrible.
The Phantom Menace was so spectacularly bad, such a huge disappointment, that I have not watched it since the one time I saw it in the theater.

So strange seeing the trailer again. Jar-Jar Binks is irreparably burned into my memory, but I had totally forgotten Liam Neeson's mullet. The horror.

Anything that J.J. Abrams does has got to be an improvement over the abomination that was the Phantom Menace. But this time I'm waiting for the reviews. I will not be burned again.
What ^^^^^^^^^EVERYONE said.
The trailer looks a lot better than the actual movie.
Each and every Star Wars sequel, prequel was worse than the last.

I saw Star Wars the day it opened, on a large screen in New York, first show of the day.

No reviews out yet, no expectations: and we were amazed by it! Funny, thrilling, adventurous.

Special effects so special at the time, that I experienced them as 3D.

Each Star Wars after that was somewhat a let down, slightly worse than the previous: after Phantom Menaces I gave up.

George Lucas has a tin ear, I doubt his ear is any less tinny.

@10, such an optimist! For the man who BLEW UP VOLCAN?

May he suffer from papercuts & foot rot everyday for eternity.
all star wars is cheesy; its intended audience is your youth. anyways and more to the point, i'm about half-way through listening to tarkin; it's a delightfully tarkin experience, more tarkin than i could've hoped for. even though i disagree with everything he believes in and stands for, tarkin is a cool dude.
There is a surprising saturation of troubling images, sounds, and lines of dialogue in that trailer. But back then we all saw what we wanted to see: the excitement of a new Star Wars movie. We didn't see what we were actually shown.