The Morning News: Seattle Protesters Marched, Briefly Shut Down I-5, in Response to Ferguson Grand Jury Decision


I've pieced it together. Remember when Macklemore wore that offensive outfit? I bet its him who is SeattleBlues.
That wasn't me..that was my stunt double.
Either case, you may want to step up your game. There's sloggers here who have stunt quadruples.
In that story about gunshot detection, I doubt the city plans to install censors, unless you meant the incense-burning kind. While that'd be cool, you probably mean sensors, no?
Where else am I going to get such great footage for my next video!?!
So, the city council is preparing to install ancient Rome's most august magistrate to supplement microphones for shot detection, and it would only cost 250,000 sesterces? Awesome!

Makes me really glad I don't live in the hill. Who would want to raise a family in that ?
It's about time I-5 was shut down, that is one racist piece of shit highway......
That's just dumb. Stupid joiners (That's all they are too, are joiners. They just want to appear to be part of the attention.)

Blocking I-5 will do WHAT, to change anything?
Who are they trying to sway?

How do they think they're going to sway people to their cause (if they have one) if they're just being an annoying nuisance to the people they need on their side??
It's like when the occupy idiots blocked the Mountlake bridge.
They have no clue how to bring about change.
@9: perhaps because there is no longer any way to bring change about?
@10: I would like a clue. How does one bring about change?
@9 It's not dumb. Is it better to not say a word, not assemble, not scream and shout and let the world know that our system is complete and total bullshit? I've exercised my right to assemble and marched for various women's rights and human-rights causes for 44 years. I always abide by rules, stay within the lines and try and be polite. But lately I've been thinking, fuck it. The cops don't follow the rules and they get away with murder. Being polite in response to murder doesn't work.
Want change? Read up on Paris in 1789: That creates the only change that the establishment will listen to. Take the powerful and cut their heads off by the thousands. That's all they will listen to. And there was a time when the powerful were terrified of the masses for just that reason. Now they just laugh at us.
planet of the apes....
There already is a gunshot detection system downtown but the Feds run it.
@13 has the most likely and probable solution. Wealth disparity like this usually ends with guillotine and pitchfork- or it gets fixed.
Why aren't the posters here howling at the SAG's announcement that RCW 9.73.030 only applies when when the SAG feels it is necessary? Bob Ferguson just screwed every citizen of this state in favor of law enforcement, using body cams as an excuse to do so.

Does this kind of rampant abuse and illegal aggregation of power really not register as bad in anyone else's brain?
@11: I don't know if you actually read what I wrote. but i'll play:

here's how to enact change in America: gather together sufficient capital to purchase almost every AM radio station in America. Start your own Cable News channel. fill the airwaves with demagogues and misinformation for 30 years. cow the media you don't control into silence by accusing them of sedition. then run candidates focused on ideology rather than governance, establishing a near-permanent minority control over government at the state and federal level.

and just like that, you can enact change in America!
The gun shot detectors record everything, including voices. There has already been a case where someone was brought up on charges because of a voice recording on a street corner that held up in court. Our city tried to sneak this in a year or so ago and backed out because of public outcry about privacy rights.

This is insane.
@12 mitten: Kudos and good for you! I have, too, for that long.

Nelson Mandela shared the warranted belief that simple, quiet protesting no longer works, indeed, when those in power abuse the system to their unfair advantage, and violently oppress, silencing those protesting the injustice. Mandela was imprisoned in 1963 for standing up for equality and fighting against apartheid and his wife, Winnie waited 27 years for her spouse's release in 1990 in South Africa.

This insanity against humanity and the Earth must indeed, be stopped. Ferguson, Missouri is now a hollowed shell of burning wreckage because of the corruption and hate crimes in its legal system and judicial government.
@13 Cato the Younger Younger & @16 Will in Seattle: I understand (from an actual restaurant food critic's review in a past weekly issue of The New Yorker magazine) that charbecued pig heads are now a highly relished delicacy in the Financial District's snootiest Manhattan eateries. Further proof that Wall Street banksters eat their own. Let the massive pig beheading begin!

@17: Excellent point! Bob Ferguson, what are you thinking?
That's as bad as Washington State legislators okaying the $8.7 billion giveaway to Boeing's CEOs---and jack shit to McBoeing's retirement fund robbed employees.

*sigh* This state and country are getting more like something written about by Charles Dickens and / or Victor Hugo by the day! Have we not learned anything from history than history repeating itself?