Seahawks Beat Eagles, Inspiring Levels of Insufferability That Can Only Be Described As "Nelly-Esque"


Wow! Total domination yet again by the Seahawks.

Score aside, it was reminiscent of Super Bowl XLVIII, where the Hawks' opponent was totally intimidated from their opening snap. Shady McCoy and Racist Cooper were actively avoiding contact with Seahawk defenders. They were flat out afraid of Wagner, Thomas, Chancellor, etc.

Fuck the Packers and Patriots. Seattle is the best team in the NFL right now. Go Hawks!
That Harbaugh gif needs to be in anything Slog about the Seahawks as long as he is the 49ers coach. Seriously. Even if the story has NOTHING to do with the 49ers or is deathly serious. Just add it somewhere in the body.
That's a nice, solid serve there DOUG. Nothing Sampras-esque, but I'd put it up there with vintage McEnroe/Connors game. Matt's typically got a solid return though and seems to excel in the volley, let's see if he brings a forehand.
I'm not so sure the Seahawks control their own destiny. The only constant in our mutable world is change - we cannot afford the illusion of control.

(Joke stolen from here.)
@3: Agreed.
I almost think you might look like Harbaugh without your ski goggles on.
@3: It will only last until late December, the 49ers entire organization has had it with Harbaugh. May be the only time in NFL history where a 4 year coach has taken his team to the Super Bowl once, and the NFC championship game three times and gotten canned. Insanity.

Anyway, Sanchez did exactly what Sanchez does when faced with a decent defense, and LeSean McCoy has never been a great runner when against athletic defenders who can actually tackle. Hell, the Redskins held McCoy to under 50 yards if I remember correctly, and they suck. The Eagles D was pretty impressive though considering their offense left them on the field for about 58 minutes of the game.

The Hawks O line still looks like hot garbage though, Wilson would have been sacked 13 times if he were not so elusive.
I can't find the video clip of the post game interview that Kaepernick gave but it was a riot to see him pout like a little kid who can't get his way anymore.


Deal with it!
I thought they'd lose that one. still not happy with the pass offense - it's second tier, and it shows. percy harvin was supposed to be the #1. kearse and Baldwin are not enough. did the tight ends even have a catch yesterday?

we need to maximize our unger post haste.
@11: Fuck a #1 receiver. We don't need one. Russell considers himself a point guard--distribute to the open man. He completed passes to 10 different receivers yesterday, including two to tight ends and one to his 400 pound fullback. And that TD pass to Lynch was a thing of beauty. Unstoppable.

Go Hawks!
Great game, and Seattle can finally call themselves a true contender for the first time this season. But the Cardinals won, making it hard to get a good seed, and of course the road to the Super Bowl still runs through Lambeau Field. But you're a solid number three team. So good work. Finally us non homers have a reason to respect you.
Max Solomon, you being a large man, what if there were fast-food sandwiches all around you?
Big Max surrounded by Big Macs.
#5 That is gold.
The hardest game left will be the last one against the Rams. The Cards are soft and the 49ers are broken.

The only question left is can we win in Lambeau.

@13: Thanks, bro. Your validation means so much.
The Seahawks actually have a good shot at top seed in the NFC. If they win their final three games, they'll have 12 wins. The only other teams that could have 12 wins then would be Green Bay, Philadelphia, Arizona, Detroit, and Dallas. The Seahawks would win the tie-breakers against all of those teams except for the Cowboys.

Now, that depends on beating Arizona at home, which is tough. 11-5 is more realistic (and in their current form, with those other games at home, anything less than that seems highly unlikely). But they'd get past Atlanta no problem, and I doubt they'd lose in Arizona twice in one season. So the Packers really are the biggest worry, and that's only if they don't finish with 12 wins and the top seed, which would mean two home games on the way to the Super Bowl.
@12: fine, we don't need a #1, and Wilson's a "point guard". but you can't tell me that our pass offense has FLOW. it's skin of the teeth, and it gets stalled a lot.

which is how it looked last year, too, I am aware.

absent that gift of a PI call, yesterday would have been a squeaker win.
Did anyone else see BeastMode knock down a defender with his head, and then proceed to step on downed defender's head for a few extra yards? It was awesome, they never showed a replay of it. I think it was late in the 2nd quarter.
@19: It's not like that PI call was a third-and-long bailout. It was on 1st and 10.

Meanwhile the Eagles got bailed out on third down early in the 2nd half when Wagner was called for PI. They scored two plays later.
I'm concerned about footballs usage of the word "spike." For a few years now, many TD scorers have been "twirling" the football on the turf like a spinning top. I think this wonderful. So with the growing number of NFL spousal and sexual abuse cases, and their response with, i move to shift the lexicon from "spike" to "twirl." Because twirling a chick sounds a lot more like lovemaking than a rapist spike.
I don't know why Seattle would look at Torrey Smith. I think they have enough guys who run sloppy routes and can't create separation consistently.
@ 17, it should mean EVERYTHING to you, given that my opinion of the Seahawks is 100% objective. Your homer opinion, OTOH... well, it's always amusing, let's put it that way.
You're objective about the Seahawks like a blind man is objective about the shirt I'm wearing. Did you even watch the game? Or just "flip channels" and check the "stat sheet"?

Go Hawks!
That's why you have a problem with my opinions, homer. They poke holes in your fantasy bubbles because they're objective. Oh, I 'm DOUG and I just can't stand it when non fans dare express informed opinions that don't worship my longtime doormat of a team! How dare they!

Face it, you're insecure. Sucks, but it's the truth.

BTW, how do you reconcile your politics with something as antithetical to your professed beliefs as being a fucking football fan?
@24: How hurt is Manning, and how many slots in your power rankings does that cause the Broncos to drop?
@26: what was your predicted score for the Super Bowl last year?
Last year was last year, homer, and this thread is about the Seahawks. Funny how you insecure fans of the freakin CHAMPION TEAM always want to change the subject. Dis you predict a blowout last year? No, you didn't. Just another dishonest Slog Seahawks homer.
@29: I'm a Patriots homer, but the Seahawks scare me more than any other team right now.
No wonder you care about Denver. Don't worry, I'm sure the Seahawks use MSFT software to keep their playbook, which will be a cinch for Bellichick's hackers to crack. That said, given what happened to NE at the hands of GB, you're not scared of the right team.
@31: We barely lost to them at their house. Again, there isn't a team that scares me more than Green Bay. And I think you should be figuring out what's up with Manning, and whether he can be better soon.
@26: It helps that the Hawks don't have a right-wing dick like John Elway as their GM.
No, just a born again dick as QB.

Just gonna leave that there for DOUG
At least our QB doesn't shill for Papa John's and its shithead owner.
No, just a repressive religion and basically against everything you claim to believe it in. And it ain't shilling when you own a stake in the company.

Again, DOUG, you suck at this. There are much worse thing to say about Peyton Manning, but you have no idea what they are.
So Peyton Manning's a bigger dick than I'll ever know? Thanks for the info. He also sucks in big games. 43-8!

@35: As a UCLA alumnus, I have bigger issues with Pete Carroll than his feelings about 9/11.
@ Hanoumati, given the way GB is struggling to shut the door on ATL, I'll concede your point.

@DOUG, yeah, almost as bad as Wilson. Almost. :)
The only good thing about football is watching football fans writhe in pain when their team eventually loses. Good times.
Not A Seahawk Killing Not An Eagle! WOOT WOOT, HURRAY, We're NUMBER NOT 1. Honestly, do you even care what kind of bird is in your posted photo, or that there's no such thing as a seahawk?

I think I read somewhere that a seahawk is really an osprey.
The Packers are still the team to beat. Rodgers is the best player in the game, they're on a roll and no one wants to go to Lambeau.
Unfortunately for the Packers, Aaron Rodgers doesn't play defense. They got lit up AT LAMBEAU last night. And defense wins Peyton Manning can tell you.

Go Hawks!
Anyone who ranks Seattle below Green Bay and Arizona didn't watch any of those games this week. Understandable with Denver struggling to get out from under New England's shadow.
Hahahahahaha...Seattle is totally ranked below Green Bay, homers.
47… is the interview with Kaepernick.