Thats the officer on the left, and at the bottom of the screen grab is his fist making contact with the womans upturned face.
  • Seattle Police Department
  • Dash-cam video shows Officer Adley Shepherd striking Miyekko Dudren-Bosley on June 22.

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Should SPD Officer Adley Shepherd Lose His Job? After King County Prosecutors declined to bring charges against him, both the woman he punched in the back of his patrol car and the NAACP are calling for him to be fired. "That punch was a retaliatory act, not a tactical act,” said Seattle-King County NAACP President Gerald Hankerson at a press conference on Tuesday. He likened the decision not to charge Shepherd to the cases of Eric Garner and Mike Brown, in which he said officers were let off the hook for misconduct. (Officer Shepherd, who is on leave while under investigation at SPD, is African American.) In an interview with KING 5, Miyekko Dudren-Bosley said she doesn't remember whether she kicked out at Shepherd, "but the video speaks for itself... I remember being thrown into a car and trying to catch my balance and then being punched."

SPD Has Responded to Recent Protests Against Police Brutality With... Nearly $600,000 spent on overtime for police officers, and the mistaken arrest of a protest leader on Monday night, who officers suspected of obstructing an arrest on Saturday. "We're deeply sorry. It was a case of mistaken identity," SPD spokesperson Sean Whitcomb tells me. The woman they arrested—the October 22 Coalition Against Police Brutality's Emma Kaplan—has accused the SPD of lying and is calling for all charges against protesters to be dropped.


Jay Inslee Seeks to Add Revenue to State Programs—Finally: Washington's governor will unveil a budget package next week that includes $1 billion in new revenue (i.e., tax increases) to fund education, infrastructure, and more. State budget director David Schumacher said that after cutting programs in budgets for the past seven years, "the ability to get significant amounts of revenue from ‘efficiencies’ is just not there any more," the Olympian reports. "We’ve been limping along, in part by cutting vital services and deferring important investments. But that is the equivalent of a bubble gum and duct tape policy for the state of Washington," Inslee said.

King County Council Approves Tent Encampments: The vote was unanimous, and the council lengthened the time a camp can stay in one location from three months to four. Get with the program, Seattle City Council.

Larry Nyland
  • Seattle Public Schools
  • This man looks set to be the next Seattle Schools superintendent: Larry Nyland

Seattle Schools to Give Interim Superintendent a Permanent Post: The school board planned to conduct a national search for new district head. But suddenly, it appears a majority of the board has decided that Larry Nyland, who was appointed on a temporary basis, is the right man for the job. Board member Sue Peters says the decision is unnecessarily hasty and precludes public input, reports KPLU.

Things Are Not Looking Good for the State's First Charter School: First Place Scholars, a charter elementary school in the Central District, is not properly certifying teachers and has bled staff and board members, the Seattle Times reports. The school's former board president, in a resignation letter, said running the school while also running his small business "had become too much for him to handle."

FBI Still Thinks Impersonating Journalists Is A-Okay: "I'm not willing to say never," said FBI director James Comey in a briefing with reporters. "Just as I wouldn't say that we would never pose as an educator or a doctor or, I don't know, a rocket scientist." More background—and an FBI spokesperson pondering posing as dentists—here.

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