Tunnel forever! say downtown businesses.
  • Washington State Department of Transportation
  • "Tunnel forever!" say downtown businesses.

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They're Committed: Nearly 80 percent of Seattle's downtown business community is still totally behind the tunnel project, reports PubliCola. However, the poll was done before last week's news that the Alaskan Way Viaduct is sinking, though after significant delays in the project thanks to a stalled Bertha. There continues to be no clear date for when work will resume.

Name That Crack: Meanwhile, state officials are trying to figure out if the project is worsening cracks in the streets near Pioneer Square and we're trying to figure out which of our amazing crack jokes is best. Also, the crack in question on King Street officially has a name: Murray's Fault.

New Map Shows Sinking: And a map released by the state yesterday shows the sinking is worst near Bertha, where crews have been pumping water out of the ground in order to fix the machine. But WSDOT still claims that doesn't "present conclusions about the effect of dewatering."

Seattle got stormy last night.

Storms in Seattle: Thousands are without power after last night's windstorm. In Pacific County, houses are falling into the ocean.

Guilty of Murder: After "going all or nothing" (the prosecutor's words), Thomasdinh Bowman was found guilty of first-degree murder for the killing of 43-year-old wine steward Yancy Noll, whom he claimed he shot in self-defense after a road-rage incident. "I think he believed he would be acquitted,” Deputy Prosecutor Kristen Richardson told the Seattle Times. “It’s a huge risk... I can’t get inside his head, but I can tell you he looked shocked.”

On Her Way Out: Looking back on her time as chair of the Washington State Liquor Control Board, Sharon Foster says she thinks liquor privatization was a bad idea. She added that she wants to see more regulations for the medical marijuana market and she uses edibles for her knee pain.

The NRA is back to fight background checks in Washington.
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  • The NRA is back to fight background checks in Washington.

"Extreme, Dangerous, False, and Hateful": That's what leaders of several Jewish organizations are saying about National Rifle Association lobbyist Brian Judy, who's back in Olympia, reports the P-I This summer, Judy compared Initiative 594 to Nazi policies.

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"We're listening": Two armed men arrested in separate incidents on Capitol Hill have been indicted on federal weapons charges and connected to a gang known as the East African Posse. Now, Seattle police say, "These cases demonstrate that we’re listening carefully" to the Hill, according to Capitol Hill Seattle blog.

No Objections to Pot Shop: Speaking of Capitol Hill, no one has objected to the plan for a pot shop at Republican and 15th, meaning the new shop, tōk, should be on track to open early next year.

US Tries to Co-opt Cuban Hiphop: The US Agency for International Development spent two years infiltrating Cuba's underground hiphop scene trying to start a youth movement against the government. USAID contractors not only risked their lives, but, as the AP reports, "They also ended up compromising Cuba's vibrant hiphop culture—which has produced some of the hardest-hitting grassroots criticism since Fidel Castro came to power in 1959. Artists that USAID contractors tried to promote left the country or stopped performing after pressure from the Cuban government, and one of the island's most popular independent music festivals was taken over after officials linked it to USAID."